Msg to Obama: Time for a war on ‘youths’. Montreal riots

Ok. Let me add two things together justly or not before I paste this article from the Montreal Gazette. First, by definition, youths are, well young. Typically that’s what ‘youth’ mean. However in this article, EVERYONE who was arrested, and presumably participating in these riots is OVER EIGHTEEN. The article however refers to them repeatedly as “youths”.

So now the second factor in this equation:

When in fashion minorities behave in an antisocial way in Europe the media seems to be under self censorship or in some cases government instructions to refer to the perpetrators as ‘youths’ instead of say, oh Muslims if that happens to be the case. Typically, you can tell if they are Muslims if adults are arrested, an adult in this case would be over eighteen, and not named whereas if they are white Canadian you will always read the name of whoever the police bring in. If the criminals are black typically you get a name and no description. I know I am sticking my neck way out here, but I begin to think that world media uses the term ‘youth’ to mean Muslim. If I am wrong in this case, the fault lies with governments and with media organizations that deliberately execute policies which attempt to keep the general public in the dark and therefore make us have to guess at the truth and facts of events which effect us all.

If Muslims are not responsible for the various riots and anti social acts around the world then for the love of good community relations start telling us who is doing these things. I refuse to believe that the problem is youth. Especially when, as in this story, most of those people arrested are old enough to have kids of their own at school.

From The Montreal Gazette:

Nine arrested in Montreal North melee

MONTREAL – Police arrested nine people on charges of assault with a weapon, trespassing, vandalism and public mischief Tuesday night after dozens of youths gathered in a Montreal North park hurled objects at police and went on a rampage in the neighbourhood, breaking windows and damaging cars.

Those arested are all over the age of 18, police said.

Police went to Carignan Park, at the corner of Rolland Blvd. and Renoir St., around 10 p.m. after getting a call about a fight.

It was the second call of the evening about a fight at the park, Montreal police Constable Daniel Lacoursiere said.

By the time police arrived, the fight had broken up but there were 50-75 youths near the basketball courts, he said.

Police remained on the scene as a preventive measure, Lacoursiere said.

The youths then started to throw rocks and bottles at the officers, and police cleared the park.

Some of the youths took to the streets, vandalizing cars, homes and a school in the area.

One officer was slightly hurt while making an arrest, Lacoursiere said.

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UPDATE: seven arraignments made of legal adults, NO NAMES GIVEN:

Mathilde Pagé, 22, and mother to a Montreal North pre-schooler, was still unsettled yesterday after having witnessed a rock-throwing mêlée in Carignan Park from her apartment window late Tuesday night.

“Of course, I’m worried” about how the next months will play out in the district, she said. “It isn’t even summer yet – and this happens.”

Seven men were arraigned at the Montreal courthouse yesterday on charges ranging from assault to attempted murder, in the wake of the violent confrontation at the corner of Rolland Blvd. and Renoir St. that thrust the district back into the public spotlight. Kept in detention, all are to appear in court today for bail hearings. Five are in their 20s. Two are 19-year-old twins.

Pagé, a Quebec City native, said she was attracted to the area by “nice parks, lots of children and pretty good rents.” But, she added, “the young people lack respect for the police and police also lack respect for the young people.

“We don’t want to leave our apartment after 9 (p.m.)”

The 530-student Le Carignan elementary school adjacent to the park is “in a hot zone,” said Jean-Yves Cardin, one of the school’s music teachers.

Less than 24 hours earlier, dozens of youths had hurled objects at police and gone on a rampage, breaking windows and damaging cars.

“But people have too much of a tendency to stereotype Montreal North,” Cardin said. As proof, he pointed to an ambitious musical presented last night – and again tonight at 7 p.m. – by 200 children from the school, in the Maison Culturelle communautaire de Montréal North, north of the park at 12004 Rolland. It’s next to the parking lot at Henri-Bourassa Park where Fredy Villanueva was shot and fatally wounded by a Montreal police officer last August.

Cardin’s lively stage cast of 200 youngsters (ages 6 to 11) is backed with 50 musicians and a fancy light show. The production, L’étrange grenier (The Unusual Attic), tells a tale of toys that come to life after being abandoned by a rich child, and is woven with themes on consumerism, social disparity and abandonment.

Two 15-year-old girls sitting in the park said area police treat young people differently, depending on skin colour.

“When we are two or three or four blacks or Latinos sitting together, then the cops stop and ask questions,” said Johanne Lespinasse, who is black.

“When they are white, the cops pass right by,” said her friend, Krystine D’Amato, who is white.

The two describe themselves as best friends.


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