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I have written before on Vlad that the issue facing the west is not  polygamy so much as marriage in the Islamic world altogether. What consenting adults choose as their lifestyle is no business of mine even if I may personally find many of those choices repugnant horrifying immoral or retrograde. I reserve the right to voice that opinion, but demand that the state not act on them.

That;s right I demand the state not act or enforce my opinions on other peoples romantic lives providing all people in those arrangements are consenting adults.

Then we have this from Pakistan’s Daily Times:

Kidnapping of 15-year-old girl: LHC CJ orders action against kidnappers

Staff Report

LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice (CJ) Khawaja Muhammad Sharif disposed of suo motu proceedings on the kidnapping of 15-year-old schoolgirl, Sara Yousaf, after she told the court she was forced to marry her kidnapper.

On Friday, the girl was produced in court and recorded her statement. She said, “I was kidnapped by Saleem Ali son of Wazir Ali from my house and kept prisoner since November 17, 2008. Saleem force me to sign the marriage papers. I want to go back with my parents.”

After her statement, the CJ allowed her to go with her parents and directed M Akram, the station house officer of South Cantonment, Lahore, to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident and take appropriate legal action.

Ali Murtaza, the complainant in the case, had appeared before the CJ in his chambers on May 25, seeking the recovery of his sister from her alleged kidnappers.

This is not in any way a rare event. In Islam forced marriage is the norm. This needs to be understood clearly when engaging with Muslims about what should and should not be ‘legal’ in the west when it comes to issues of marriage. Rest assured that Muslims know full well we misinterpret what is meant when Muslims use this word in many cases. Anyone who has read ‘Infidel’, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s most excellent book would know that for many Muslims in Islamic nations women have no choice in marriage and often do not know they are married till they are informed of it much like the sale or transfer of property in the west. One doesn’t need the permission of the car to sell it to the next owner. Just a signature from the new owner to recognize receipt of delivery. So it is with marriage in much of the Islamic world and as it is written in sharia law.

The story quoted above shows a rare triumph where a Pakistani relatively secular court actually allowed a family member to actually retake possession of his sister. Note that still, a male family member had to make a claim on this property, his sister, which was taken illegally by some other family. You can bet that both families where Muslim. Had the brother been Hindu or Christian it is unlikely the case would have ever seen the inside of a Pakistani court.

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