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Here are three videos with the now famous Dan Hannan the first is his actual speech to the European Parliament which made him famous and then two US interviews. The American media actually recognizes the value of this mans words. The socialist world is silent and hopes everyone forgets him quickly. Let’s make sure no one does. Spread this one around. more links and related material here. Hat tip Rosie for the link.

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  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. Your words, “The American media actually recognizes the value of this mans words” touched me deeply. Sadly, most of the American “mainstream” media (the large commercial media) either do NOT recognize Hannan’s symbolic importance, or they purposely hide from it because of their own socialist agenda. My blog – and tens of thousands of other American bloggers – DO understand Mr. Hannan. He, like Walesa and Reagan and Ghandi and Burke and Churchill, are heros to those of us who love democracy, personal freedom, and a government that is serves us rather than commands us. God bless you and your readers, Eeyore, and God bless Daniel Hannan. May God save us all from the rapid resurgence of Marxism. Unlike 1917, it has a happy face in 2009. That happy face, however, hides goals and intentions every bit as wicked as those of Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

  2. Thank you for your comment Tom. I agree with all of it. Ultimately we have a world wide war of individualism Vs. collectivism with the Marxists and neocommies (Neo-Com’s?) allied with the deeply religious Muslims. An alliance that none of us would have predicted except for the two elements they both share and hold more sacred than their own core ideologies. The destruction of the west and civilization, and collectivism Vs. individual rights. So you are correct, the true heroes are the ones who seek to defend individualism even though their is no obvious gain for them should they win. The people you named and many more as well. We live in the parable of the Chinese Curse. Interesting times, where the government notices us, and we come to the attention of authority.

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