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8 Replies to “Shahid Malik muslim labour MP exposes agenda”

  1. Why are you complaining?

    Just like you, Malik is a Muslim against Sharia.

    He opposes Sharia, anti-British Muslims, religious schools, “extremism”, “Islamism”.

    Since you are a “Muslim Agaisnt Sharia” and therefore believe in the MASh motto “Islam is Peace Light and Love” on what grounds do you object to Malik and his prediction?

  2. Mr Malik is the perfect image of the thoroughly modern “Moderate Muslim”. Naturally he would hope that it is the will of Allah that the UK be completely Islamicized. He’s a Muslim. Why would he be opposed to that?

    Mr Moderate Muslim Malik:

    Opposes anti-British Muslims

    Opposes extremism and “Islamism”

    Opposes Sharia law

    Is against “Islamist” terrorism

    Wants British Muslims to be moderate and to participate peacefully and productively in Western society

    Is a secularist

    Is pro-abortion

    Was and is in favour of British participation in the Afghan War

    Opposed British paryicipation in the Iraq War, but also opposes any investigation, and unreservedly supports British troops

    Supports and fights for Queer Rights

    Is opposed to all forms of racism

    Was a member of the Commission for Racial Equality in Northern Ireland (a “Moderate Muslim” keeping those intolerant and irredentist Paddies in line)

    Is an NSPCC [National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Children] parliamentary advisor

    Is campaigning for St George’s Day to be made a national holiday in England [“St George’s Day provides a unique opportunity to celebrate collective Englishness, to take pride in heritage and to highlight the values which define modern England, such as honesty, fairness, tolerance, enterprise and equality”]

    Delivered the keynote speech at a National Holocaust Centre memorial event,

    Opposes antisemitism

    Supports embryonic stem-cell research

    Is a campaigner against Domestic Violence

    Opposes religious schools and is in favour of strengthening the secular public school system

    Claims he is a pacifist and opposes “extremist” politicians such as the BNP

    Believes the UK should be “One Nation”

    Opposes “preferential treatment or positive discrimination or political correctness”

    Has been a keynote speaker at events organised by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in an effort to tackle extremism and defeat terrorism

    Is opposed to efforts to withhold IVF treatment for single women and lesbians,

    Opposed a Muslim teacher a Dewsbury primary school who claimed she was being discriminated against because she was not allowed to wear a niqab while teaching young children

    Calls for the swift removal of failed asylum seekers

    So, on what grounds are you, as a person who claims to only oppose “Islamism” and “Radical Islam”, and as a “Muslim Against Sharia” now upset with Mr Moderate Muslim Malik? It doesn’t make sense.

  3. I hope everything you are saying is 100% accurate. Not that I agree with all those points necessarily, but they are still signs of liberalism and thats an excellent thing. The question then begs, how is that commensurate with being Muslim. I would expect that many conservative Muslims would call him an apostate and call for his execution. Very few Muslims would support the views you point to above, and here I concede my ignorance as I do not know more about this man than this short video says, however these views are quite clearly unislamic.

  4. Re: ” I would expect that many conservative Muslims would call him an apostate and call for his execution.”

    No they wouldn’t, because he still says he’s a Muslim, and he serves a function as a spearhead for Muslim invasion, and welcomes the Islamization of Britain.

    But that’s fine with you too I guess, as long as he supports queer “marriage” and infanticide.

  5. This person does not belong in any western country, throw him out of Britain. He is a danger to your country. Why do you allow this traitor in your parlement?

  6. England has fought against the Nazis, but when i see this guy i wonder why.
    Eurpoe is giving his freedom and democracy away.
    In 15-20 years England , France Belgum Denmark and Holland are the GAZA strips of Europe.

  7. Shahid can live in high hopes, while ever British people draw breath in our country we will fight for our own people and our land, let it also be said that Enoch Powel was right all those years ago when he said immigration would be a big mistake because immigrants wouldn’t want to intergrate into our society, well if they don’t they should go back to their country of origin, because there will never be a muslim prime minister in England full stop.

  8. While we have faced the toughest economic times since the great depression, Mr Malik has been funding a lavish lifestyle at our expense.

    He is dishonesty and greedy, and has no place in Britain’s government.
    I hope it is the will of Allah that this despicable man is sent straight to prison.

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