Muslims and Catholics hold hands on historical revisionism

From The National Post:

Catholic, Muslim leaders want negative language removed from school books
Posted: February 26, 2009, 1:58 PM by Scott Maniquet

Catholic and Muslim officials want all negative references to each others’ religions removed from school books.

The proposal was put forward in joint statement following talks in Vatican City between delegations from Cairo’s Al Azhar University and senior Catholic officials, Reuters reports.

“Scholastic books should be revised in order not to contain material which may offend the religious sentiments of other believers, at times through the erroneous presentation of dogmas, morals or history,” the joint statement says.

The statement does not detail how the two groups would attempt to achieve this rewrite.

At their first Catholic-Muslim Forum in November, Vatican and Islamic scholars discussed the need to stop the spread of mistaken impressions about the religions by improving the books used to teach about them.

Their November joint statement also noted the need to shield youth from religious extremism and violence.

photo: Pope Benedict XVI visits the Blue Mosque in Istanbul on Nov. 30, 2006, becoming only the second Pontiff to enter a mosque. (Patrick Hertzog/Reuters)

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Also from National Post, Jewish students warned of more anti semitic attacks:

Jewish students warned of growing threat of violence
Posted: February 26, 2009, 9:47 PM by Chris Boutet

By Craig Offman, National Post

The Canadian Federation of Jewish Students warned Thursday about the growth of violence and threats against Jews who overtly support Israel or who are wearing clothing that identifies them as Jews.

“Such dangerous including swarming, confinement, verbal and physical abuse poses threats not only to Jewish students but also to the fabric of civil discourse that Canadians proudly cherish,” said CFJS chair of Israel Affairs, Noah Kochman, at a Toronto press conference.

Tensions between Jewish and Palestinian groups have become increasingly fraught since hostilities between Israel and Hamas-led Gaza escalated last month.

On February 11, York University students blocked the entrance to the office of Hillel, a Jewish campus group, shouting anti-Israel — and allegedly anti-Semitic — statements. Campus and city police had to escort the students through the swarm. The Toronto Police Service are investigating a potential hate crime.

The RCMP is investigating an incident at the University of British Columbia, in which a pro-Palestinian student allegedly assaulted two Jewish students after pro-Hamas and PLO posters on a dorm-room door were pulled down.

During the conference, Mr. Kochman, a McGill student, claimed he has seen a spike in complaints from Jewish students across the country in recent weeks. He also alluded to several incidents–including the dissemination of posters that featured anti-Semitic caricatures—but declined to identify where the events took place or who was involved.

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