Afghanis shout ‘death to Canadians’

Imagine. The Taliban kills 2 Afghan kids and the locals all yell death to Canadians. You know Canadians, the guys building all the schools hospitals and public facilities there, paying tens of millions if not the low billions to local authority to have decent security, the people who have to tolerate being killed by pretty much any random guy anywhere in any sort of clothing cause you never know who is an enemy or not. Those guys. My patience as a Canadian citizen is pretty much stretched to breaking. They want us to leave. Either you fight a war to win it, and this means a lot of killing, or you dont go. I say we leave a note on a rock that says everytime a terrorist training camp appears somewhere in Afghanistan we will send a drone over and wipe out a town. Everytime terrorist funding from an attack is found to be from the poppy fields we take out 20 fopium farms from the air with agent orange. Everytime there is a Taliban or Afghani connection to western terroror we will come in like a jove and smite a city. Other than that, they should never see us short of the underside of a bomber.

From the Vancouver Sun:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Dozens of angry protesters shouted “death to Canadians” and paraded the bloody bodies of two dead boys in front of a government office in Kandahar Monday, after an explosion southwest of the city near a village for disabled people.

Canadian and NATO reports said two children were also injured in the explosion, but officials at Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar said it may have been as many as five.

The Canadian military says the blast came from an undetonated explosive on the ground, possibly from a firing range where they practised in the area the previous day. But some villagers and the Afghan police believe it was an incoming mortar round — either from the Taliban or foreign troops — that did the damage.

Maj. Mario Couture said they are conducting an investigation to find out exactly what happened, but added that the area is known as a perilous one for villagers and soldiers.

“It’s littered with all kinds of unexploded ordnance and mines. It’s a very dangerous area, so anything is possible at this point.”

Couture said Canadians fired small arms, artillery and tanks in the area the day before, but did a thorough sweep after they left the practice range.

“We have very strict policies in place to prohibit leaving behind any unexploded ordnance, and make every effort to ensure the safety of Afghan civilians,” he said.

The incident occurred near the village of Salehan, about 15 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City in the Panjwaii District. The victims apparently lived in a nearby village known to locals as “the handicapped village,” but formally called Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Village, after the wealthy ruler of Dubai who paid for its construction. It was built specifically for disabled people including those who have been maimed by landmines and bombs.

One protester said the children were returning from school when the rocket hit.

Enraged protesters made their way from the village to Kandahar City, eventually blocking the road near the provincial council office where a news conference was being held on government corruption.

They carried the dead boys, who looked to be about 10 or 12 years old, in a motorbike with a plywood box on the back. Their bodies were badly mangled. One boy’s glassy brown eyes remained open; his face was caked with dried blood.

Protesters, some hobbling on crutches, yelled “death to Canadians,” and “death to Americans,” along with slogans against their local government. Afghan police eventually arrived to disperse the protest.

Kandahar’s police chief, Matiullah Qati, said it was a mortar round that hit the children, but it wasn’t a Canadian one.

“We have seen the area and the wreckage of the mortar. It is actually a mortar which is shot by the Taliban not (NATO) or Afghan officials,” Matiullah said. “It is a tragedy for these Afghan people who have lost their loved ones, but I blame the Taliban for shooting these kind of rockets which bring civilian casualties.”

But people at the protest were convinced foreign troops were responsible for the incident. They say Canadians based to the west of their village, often shoot nearby for practice. They want it to stop.

“This is not the first time they have targeted our community. In the past they have also targeted our village, but with no human casualties,” said Muhammad Ghus. “We want them to stop firing at us.”

“We are crippled and the foreign troops want to make our children crippled,” said Abdul Matin. “For God sake, won’t you let us live in peace? We don’t want help from them, we just don’t want them to kill our children.”

Civilian deaths have become a flashpoint for anti-Western sentiment here. According to a recent United Nations report, civilian deaths were up 40 per cent last year, to a record 2,118 people. The report said insurgents were responsible for 55 per cent of those deaths. NATO disputes the total number of deaths, and says the percentage killed by insurgents is much higher.

In nearby Helmand Province Monday, insurgents ambushed a NATO patrol, resulting in “a number” of civilian injuries. All of the injured civilians were taken to hospital and NATO says they are conducting an investigation.

Couture said Canadian troops do everything they can to avoid incidents like Monday’s deaths.

“As a parent myself, when situations like that occur I can’t help but think of my own children. And I can’t help thinking of the families who are devastated by the tragedy.”
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