Mohamed El Masry demonstrates double think

Here is an article written by Mohamed El Masry former president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, one of the main orthodox Muslim lobby groups masquerading as moderate. This is from The Montreal Muslim News. It’s worth reading just as an example of soft clever sophistry. This man makes a living fighting against “Islamophobia” which of course cannot exist. One cannot have an irrational fear of an ideology especially one which espouses the total destruction of your own ethical set and culture and also one which in many cases has at its core, the call for you’re death. If you happen for example to be gay or Jewish or in any way fight against the supremacy of Islam in your nation or even if you are Muslim and fight against the take over by Arab Muslims as we see in the Sudan, and you happen to be black. Fear of Islam is highly rational. Also to compare it to racism, which is what ‘Islamophobia’ as a concept attempts to do by comparing to the already highly rhetorical ‘homophobia’ (not to sure there are many who actually have a pathological fear of gay people)

The article is gently written but intended to cause indignation and contempt to all who would dare criticize Islam and or, stop it from being not just the dominant method of governance but the only one. Very typical of Dr. El Masry. Thank you to Grace for wading through this stuff by the way to find it.. Perhaps the good doctor will call for 10,000 angry Muslims to swarm the streets smashing Starbucks if we refuse to stop characterizing Islam as violent as Lord Achmed did in London when Geert was to show Fitna. We shall see. He certainly did say that all adult Israeli’s where legitimate targets of terrorist attacks.

Here is a sample where he makes an interesting admission then suffocates it in vague hyperbole:

Among those European and North American authors in greatest demand these days are a growing number of young Western Muslim women who have forged a public profile by blaming Islam for every problem and disadvantage in the lives of Muslims everywhere – including of course their own. They are strangely vague, or even silent, on the role of poor social and economic conditions that prevail in most developing Muslim countries and about the exploitation of resources in those countries by Western powers, their proxies, or even their operatives within those Muslim countries.

Not a bad example of false comparison. Yes indeed especially for women but for people in general in Islamic states, Islam is very much the number one reason for horrible conditions, lack of development or social progress etc. This is the issue not why some people are poor in Los Angeles. One needs go no farther than life for the ancient Egyptians pre Mohamed and then a quick exam of what happened to a nation who built the pyramids, then by the 1800’s did not even know what they are as Islam holds in contempt any remnants of a pre Islamic past. With the one possible exception of Iran.

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  1. I am not at all surprised at Elmasry’s latest essay on Islamophobia in Canada…..he has been creating this victim industry for years with phantom illustrations of Islam smearing and ficticious accounts of Muslim bashing particularly by the devil worshipping Canadian press.

    I think by now many realize why this government will not give him the time of day as an authority on moderate Islam. Islamophobia is a ruse; nothing more than a tool used by radicals to attempt to prevent any legitimate reporting or criticism on Islam. The more he writes, the deeper he digs his hole and the better informed we become.

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