I dated a girl like Canada once.

It clearly is more effort than it is worth to ignore the Obama visit to Ottawa today. Traffic is slow, many people are giddy with reliefe at self exoneration from white guilt and there is a cop on every corner with a wary eye and a high sense of situational awareness befitting, well befitting a cop actually. It’s too bad Obama doesn’t stay in Ottawa. We would be a crime free city.

Still, I find it amusing that no matter who the president of the US is, Canada expects the first visit from any president and expects the usual homilies. Keep in mind as I write this I have not heard one word from Obama yet since he arrived. But I do expect him to speak of how valuable Canada is to the US. How strong the friendship is between our two nations and how much the US loves Canada. This despite a track record of near constant scorn and ridicule from the Canadian governments (Harper a noteworthy exception as was Mulroney) and Canadian media not to mention the average Canadian which has made anti Americanism and sanctimony Canada’s largest exports after marijuana.

Sound familiar? Yeah you have it. You dated her once. That special girlfriend that always treated you like crap and made massive demands on you then expected to be praised complimented and exalted for it. I wonder if there is a word to describe such a mentality. Oh yeah!


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  1. I happen to switch my TV to CBC at the exact moment that Peter Manning was embarrassing himself and most of Canada by his giggling fit talking to some hysterical bimbo about the glimpse she had of the “real Obama” and not the “dummy Obama” kept as a decoy. I had to immediately put off the idiot box and return to hugging my laptop and the internet like someone drowning and clutching at straws to keep afloat. Am I going mad and is the world of lefties sane ?

  2. Here is what I tell myself in order not to lose what little bit of sanity I still possess. I tell myself that Obama, used the naive left to get elected, will face identical geopolitical realities that Bush did, more than likely make identical decisions but manage to sell them better to the US public much better, thereby making his useful idiots, my useful idiots. I also tell myself that his various outreach programs to the most barbaric groups on earth will give him the public will required to do what almost certainly has to be done when they fail, which they will. That of course, is military and economic warfare against these same groups, this time to massive public acclaim. If this is how it goes down, we should all be grateful for the swooning adoring Obamanauts as they provide the smooth loving public will for what may well be a very militaristic administration. Bush would never have had the public will to deal with Pakistan as it will have to be dealt with and probably within the next 4 years. Obama will be lauded for it. Works for me as long as it gets done.

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