Poison mail sent to Israeli embassy Norway.

Poison mail sent to Israel embassy at Norway

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by Pasi | February 14, 2009 at 11:38 am
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Two post office workers have got poison from mail, which was sent to Israel embassy at Norway. Workers received burn wounds in their hands and faces. Workers are now treated at Ullevål hospital and have not received more symptoms.

Reference (in Finnish) Norjassa kaksi sairaalaan myrkkykirjeestä

Updated 21:43

At the moment they suspect, that letter contained chemicals – not biological disease. Workers have been isolated for the moment. Reference (in Finnish) Myrkkykirje vei postin työntekijöitä eristyksiin

(Below is a machine translation from Finnish)

Troubled Letter took the mail workers isolated

IKK, 14.2.2009 IKK, 14.2.2009

Two postal workers had to treat the insulation in Oslo after receiving strange symptoms of the Israeli Embassy in a letter to the processing

The symptoms occurred on Friday afternoon, almost as soon as the letter after handling. . Initially, authorities feared the pernaruttotartunaa, but the bacillus anthracis, the bacteria caused the symptoms become manifest until a few days after infection.

Now, a letter containing suspected toxic chemicals or other damaging materials.

Exposed workers to the police, the well, but they remain isolated from Ullevål University Hospital, until the letter has been thoroughly investigated.

Police so far have not submitted a letter of evaluation of the consignor. All the embassies addressed mail addresses in Oslo, a separate,  at the sorting center.

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