An audio lecture on the politics of Islam. Very good. Also, a video debate.

Here is a link to a lecture at at George Mason University by John David Lewis on necessary policies for defeating Islamic totalitarian states with good refrences to Shintoism in WW2. the questions by the students at the end will make you think this lecture was delivered in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and not Virginia.

This does not bode well for the future of Israel. Anyone who has not already done so, may wish to watch the rather excellent and scholarly film called ‘Farewell Israel’  to see where this kind of self deprecation and abandonment of classical thought is likely to lead for the future of Israel.

Thank you John for writing in. It was a very good lecture. I plan to listen to it more than once more.

The three short videos below are a Q&A session with three gentlemen one of whom is Daniel Pipes and another from Jalands Posten a Danish Newspaper and the third with the Ayn Rand institute. Its short and worth watching although I do not agree with them over all, they are not wrong in their assessments or information. Just tactics. Specifically, the issues with Saudi Arabia are more subtle and complex and cannot be dealt with as one may think despite the correctness of the statements given about the KSA and its export of Wahabiism etc. Still well worth watching.

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