Activists storm Israeli consulate in Montreal. J post

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators stormed the lobby of the Israeli consulate in Montreal on Thursday, in protests of the 13-day long IDF operation in Gaza.

“Canada should immediately end diplomatic ties with the Israeli apartheid regime, starting with the expulsion of Israeli representatives from Canada,” one of the demonstrators was quoted as saying.

The protesters blocked access to the consulate, calling for the expulsion of its staff, until they were physically removed by police.

Slogans such as “fight the power,” “turn the tide,” and “end Israeli apartheid” were reportedly chanted during the demonstration.

More here: From what I can find, it appears to be a classic mix of leftists and Islamists.


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5 Replies to “Activists storm Israeli consulate in Montreal. J post”

  1. At least they weren’t screaming like crazed maniacs for Jews to go back to the ovens, or for “brothers” to “exterminate” Jews. This is a big improvement.

  2. “It will only get worse. It is time to end Muslim immigration.”

    Or ban the Koran, you know the book that says us infidels should pay a tax for not being muslim. Sounds pretty hateful to me

  3. Well why don’t the Jews storm the Hamas consulate? Oh wait, Hamas is a TERRORIST organization. Committed to genocide. Oops I forgot that for a moment.

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