Saudi king asks the UN to make it a crime to critisize Islam world wide.

King Abdullah approaching the United Nations with a demand to come up with an international law that would put all those who criticize Islam behind bars, has not gone down well with skeptics who have asked the Saudi ruler to introduce religious freedom in his own empire – a place where Wahabi Islam is banned. The UN, however, took notice of his appeal and had put up a committee who recently passed a resolution, observing that all acts of defaming a religion, especially Islam, would be considered criminal.

The General Assembly of the UN is expected to approve this resolution shortly, and then governments across the globe would be asked to amend the criminal codes to accommodate it. This, some say would challenge the very foundation of any democracy. What remains to be seen is that whether reference to the 9/11, the recent Mumbai terror attacks, suicide bombings, beheadings and other such acts would be considered as being hostile towards the community.

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