Ottawa man sentanced to 6 months for years of wife beating.

Read this carefully. See if you can find a motive for the man. It seems as if he beat his wife the day after she gave birth to a girl. Could this be because of the common Muslim beliefe that its the woman who decides the sex of the child and she gave him two daughters?

From the Ottawa Citizen Dec 6 2008

Woman’s subjugation ‘appalling,’ judge says

OTTAWA — A man convicted of repeatedly beating his wife, including the day after she gave birth to their second child, has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Ahmed Abada, 32, showed no emotion as he was taken into custody Friday after Ontario Court Justice Dianne Nicholas ruled that imprisoning the man was the only way to “sufficiently denounce his repeated pattern of abuse.”

Mr. Abada was found guilty in April of one count of assault causing bodily harm, three counts of assault, and one count of uttering death threats.

During his trial, his wife, a devout Muslim, testified she repeatedly returned to Mr. Abada despite the abuse he inflicted on her because she believed the Koran gave permission for a husband to beat his wife. She also feared that she would lose custody of their children if she went to police.

“These offences are extremely serious and show a significant pattern of dominance and control of this offender over his spouse,” said Judge Nicholas. “The complainant describes him as controlling, and the evidence before me is appalling in terms of the subjugation of this woman.”

Court heard that the assaults occurred over a 13-month period starting in December 2005, following the birth of their first child, and continued until January 2007, when the woman called police.

One of the assaults occurred the day after the woman gave birth to the couple’s second daughter in September 2006, when Mr. Abada punched the woman in the shoulders and upper chest after they arrived home from the hospital.

That was followed by another assault in December 2006, where Mr. Abada hit his wife’s head against the wall and put her in a headlock, which resulted in her requiring a neck brace. The woman finally called police after a January 2007 assault where the man twisted her arm behind her back, causing their three-month old daughter to fall onto the sofa.

The most severe assault occurred in December 2005, however, when Mr. Abada struck the woman repeatedly before choking her and throwing her to the ground. After the assault, he threw her out of their apartment barefoot in winter and without the hijab she always wears in public.

Judge Nicholas said pictures of the “horrific” injuries sustained by the woman during the December 2005 assault “tell a thousand words.”

“This was a brutal beating; the fact he put his hands to her neck is of concern,” said Judge Nicholas, who also characterized the assault that occurred after the birth as “provocative.”

During the trial, court heard the woman has no family in Ottawa and Mr. Abada, a University of Ottawa PhD student, controlled the family’s finances, including her student loans.

The woman, who is a master’s student, moved to Ottawa from Egypt after meeting Mr. Abada online.

“The victim, the mother of babies, was quite vulnerable. She was living in a new country and completely separated from family,” said Judge Nicholas, adding Mr. Abada has shown no remorse for his actions.

In fact, she said, Mr. Abada and his family “completely lack insight into his behaviour” and blame the victim for his situation.

“There is no evidence he has sought counselling for his problem of domestic abuse; he is still in denial with respect to his behaviour,” said Judge Nicholas.

In addition to the six-month sentence, Judge Nicholas ordered the man be placed on 12 months of probation, provide a sample of his DNA to the national databank and not possess any weapons for the next two years.

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  1. I don’t think he got enough time since this has been continuous abuse. Will he be required to take a course in simple genetics? He needs to know that the sex of the child is determined by the MALE. I guess they don’t teach grade 5 genetics where he comes from. I recall that the dicussion was included in all those classes my parents had to sign permission for called something like:”The facts of life” I think mt parents had already clued me in when I wanted to know why my eyes were green and my sister’s were blue.

  2. Of course Muslims think that it’s the women who decide sex of a kid, othervise the father could not complain about it. Women in Islamic/Arabic countries are of lower value than cattle, and treated like that.

    Confront the stupidity of Islam’s followers. Never, Never negotiate about freedom to criticize religion. NEVER

  3. The video I linked to in the original posted article above actually deals with the horrifying amount of abuse in the Islamic world for specifically that reason. That its commonly thought that the woman selects the sex of the child. Of course we can add to that it is assumed it is in some way conscious. In essence it doesn’t matter that the male selects the extra X chromosome or the Y as its hardly a conscious process.
    I highly recommend clicking the link and watching the speeches by Wafa Sultan and other speakers at that gathering in the video.

  4. their is nothing in the article that said the argument was about having girls not boys so if you want to just say bad and untrue things about Islam then find another place to publish it and don’t attach it to an article that had nothing to do with the issue about the girls and boys the judge never mentione anything about the gender of the female

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