Keep a close eye on Holland in December

This article from gates of Vienna. A blog all should read at least twice a week. Of course in the topic I mentioned watching Holland. But the question is how. Some of you may remember how th Dutch Government actually took film away from news crews when they government issued orders to paint over a mural of an angel with the inscription “Though Shalt Not Kill” in a predominantly Islamic neighborhood after the murder of Theo Van Gogh.

The Dutch government has a policy they call ‘non escalation’. This refers to the restriction of media to events which may show Islam and Muslims in a light other than the official multiculturalist one. This makes Holland difficult to watch and you can bet the same policies are in place in most if not all Euro states where Islam exerts influence. The story below appears to have been leaked by a blogger and translated by one. Klien Verzet, an excellent blog out of Holland doesnt appear to be doing as much reporting on incidents as it once did but they where the only source on rioting not long ago by Muslims in front of a Dutch police station in Amsterdam when a police woman shot a Muslim in self defense who had stabbed three or four policepeople including the shooter.

In any case somehow, try and watch Holland for the month of December. The good Barron predicts a posseble flashpoint.

Where Does It Stop?

by Baron Bodissey

Sagunto is a regular reader and commenter from the Netherlands. Below is his translation of a recent Dutch newspaper article, followed by his commentary. The story concerns the harassment of little children during their annual St. Martin lantern parades.

First a prefatory note from Sagunto:

From the future front of the battle against Islam, the old Dutch neighbourhoods, here’s my translation of a small article from the November 7th edition of De Telegraaf, entitled “Wanneer houdt het op?” (i.e. enough is enough, when/where will it stop?)

Sint Maarten kindjesSome background: the lantern parades described in the article are based on the feast of St. Martin of Tours (we all know why Tours is an important historical place;-) celebrated by children who go door to door with self-made lanterns, singing all kinds of songs about St. Martin, in order to get candy. Halloween is sort of related to it (and is also celebrated, like a novelty, same with Santa Claus, who better not show his face before Sinterklaas has left and returned to Spain).

The translation of the article from De Telegraaf:

Even little children are no longer safe from thugs


The Hague — On Wednesday evening, a group of Moroccan youths completely ruined an already heavily guarded lantern parade in the Transvaal neighbourhood of The Hague. Little children were bombarded with eggs when they followed a marching band with their multi-coloured lanterns. A woman, watching the parade with her dog, was harassed while the youths tried to kick her dog. Police officers who tried to intervene were met with a barrage of projectiles. Only one of the youths (15 years old) could be apprehended after a wild chase.

Pat on the head

The organizing committee Haagse Hopjes [a traditional local sweet — translator] is more than fed up with the continuing harassment and hopes that at last something will be done against it. ‘They get away with it while the local authorities only give them an occasional slap on the wrist and a pat on their heads. But they should all be rounded up and be put away, together with their parents, in some correctional facility,’ according to a defiant staff member Joke van den Boomen.

According to eyewitnesses, the group of at least twenty Moroccan youths almost immediately started their intimidation as the children gathered for their procession. They tried to storm the small community centre where the little ones were getting a hot cup of cocoa. Van de Boomen: ‘It already is a bloody shame that we are forced to ask dozens of policemen, guards and others to assist at a lantern parade. They were barely able to restrain most of those boys. But then outside they went crazy anyway.’


The Haagse Hopjes-foundation has warned before that all events for the local kids, like the festive arrival of Sinterklaas, would come to a halt. ‘But we won’t let them steal this from our little ones. We will not be chased away either. My only fear is that we’ll run out of volunteers pretty soon.’

And some commentary by Sagunto:

This obviously is just one little brick in a structure of so many “incidents” that attests to the colourful contribution of Muslim youths, mainly of Moroccan origin, to Dutch society and its remaining traditions. Little and insignificant as this report may be, in many ways it already points towards the most likely scenario for the inevitable clash in the future, which will be a folk rebellion against Islam and everything associated with it.

Below this news item, one could read the many angry and furious comments from Dutch parents. Here’s an impression:

“As a law abiding citizen one can hope for years on end that the government will put a stop to certain atrocities, but it seems one can wait till hell freezes over. So, people, if the government doesn’t protect us, we should take justice into our own hands to protect our children and grandchildren. Those who won’t listen will have to feel [the consequences] someday.”

“Hang ‘em! …parents and all!”

“Go on Moroccan scum, the more hate you’ll reap pretty soon!”

“..form a nation-wide gang of strong-arm boys and teach them and their parents a lesson for them to remember upon their return to their land of origin..”

“put a.50 on it. Problem solved..”

“..looking forward to the upcoming feast of Sinterklaas. Bring it on, and I’ll bring a big butcher’s knife and anyone who lays a finger on my kids better think twice!”

The count stopped at around 1000 comments within a few hours…

In the same article, the only surviving and truly national Saint, i.e. “Sinterklaas” (Saint Nicholas of Myra) is mentioned. This is also a deeply rooted part of Dutch tradition and folklore and a feast for every child, to be celebrated on the 5th (6th) of December. This tradition also has been a target for Muslim youths in many Dutch cities, who harass and threaten the old Bishop and his servants (“Zwarte Pieten”, i.e. “Black Peters”, black from charcoal that is) when they go door to door, visiting Dutch families as part of the ritual.

As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something “small”, like one of these two cherished traditions, especially when children are targeted directly or indirectly, will prove to be the final straw and the trigger for a vast Dutch uprising against Islam.

As always,
Kind regards from Amsterdam,

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