Iran launches satirical Holocaust cartoon book.

Iran’s leader has made countless speeches where in various degrees of couched language has made it clear he intends to destroy the state of Israel. I doubt there are too many who still think that Iran’s nuclear program is purely for nuclear power. Those that used to make that claim no are more likely to say ‘The US has nuclear weapons why shouldn’t Iran have them?’

This sort of moral equivalence has become the norm. In reality its mere intellectual slight of hand. The more apt comparison would be ‘The police have modern communications networks high powered cars and automatic weapons why shoudnt organized crime?’

forgetting for a moment that organized crime does have this equipment the point is clear. It does matter who has what. The U.S. has never threatened promised or even hinted that it would utterly obliterate a nation or a people and that even for nations who attack them and their interests and even threaten daily to destroy them.

Now Iran which has already had Holocaust denial seminars inviting members of the KKK and any other anti Semitic group to Iran to participate has now launched a holocaust denial cartoon coffee table book. Clearly the intent is to build public will in Iran for what ‘imadinnerjacket’ plan to do.

Watch the video in the link. It speaks for itself rather well.

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