Culture and animal rights.

One of the most frequent arguments I have with multi culti’s has to do with the nature of culture itself. Most if not all the people who disagree with me on this issue, (I am a firm monoculturalist) stems from the misnomer that culture is just what key one plays a 12 bar blues in or what kind of noodles are in the soup.

I am all about world cuisine I would like to see more diversity on that providing that all food is cooked and prepared in accordance with the laws from health Canada in terms of ingredients, storage refrigeration and sanitation.

What people fail to realize is culture is much more than wearing this headdress or that style of clothes or what music but whether these clothes or music for that matter is allowed at all.

More than that, culture is the very operating system we use to determine how we view the world and value it. What sacrifices we make in our own most primal desires for the better good. How we see each other and all creatures and even objects in the world. Whether we treat them with love and respect or with brutality and scorn.

A computer fitted with an Intel chip set can run Windows Mac OSX Ubuntu or any number of operating instructions which tell the machine identical perhaps to all other machines off the assembly line, how to behave. This is culture.

I’m afraid Im going to post a particularly repugnant example below of entertainment as presented by the Muslim part of the Philippines.

Don’t get me wrong I believe PETA and its affiliates belong on the FBI’s most wanted list. Terrorism is terrorism and PETA does a lot of it. Also, their criteria for cruelty to animals is patently absurd. But in this, well the story speaks for itself.

Animal lovers may want to avoid it, but on the other hand, animal lovers cant fix a problem if they refuse to believe it exists.

The chain of links works like this…

The Religion of Peace…

The Opinionater (itself a worthy blog)

The Sun in the UK

This story speaks very loudly about how Islam perceives the world. This is not an Arab problem, a Filipino problem or a Catholic one. Its one of Islam.

As the poker players say… ‘read it and weep’

Sorry to do this…

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bloody disgrace .. horses are forced to fight

FAMILIES gather in their thousands and children climb trees for a better view of the festival taking place below.

The crowd cheer and laugh — the object of their excitement a bloodied stallion kicked so brutally by another that its eyeballs have been dislodged from their sockets.

Welcome to the vile spectator sport of HORSE-FIGHTING.

The nation reeled in horror yesterday when Sky TV broadcast stomach-churning fight images from the Philippines.

Sick ... horses bite

Sick … horses bite

The savagery was BANNED there ten years ago but is still sickeningly rife deep in the jungles. These shocking pictures from a three-day fight festival held on Mindanao Island, in the eastern Philippines, show the “sport” in all its barbarity. Normally placid stallions are whipped up into violent frenzies by sick organisers desperate to put on a show and make money from betting.

Captive ... helpless nag

Captive … helpless nag

A mare in season is tethered to the side of a filthy, makeshift pen to ignite sexual rivalry among the stallions and guns are fired into the air to panic them into violence. In the wild, the gentle giants never fight to the death. Males clash over mates, as well as leadership rights, but the weaker ones give in to the stronger ones before they are seriously injured or killed. Yet in the depraved, man-made heat of the fight ring, they are not allowed to back down and thousands of stallions are maimed, crippled or killed each year.

Crazed ... horses are trained to fight

Crazed … horses are trained to fight

And it isn’t over quickly. These frequently ill-matched fights are drawn out for up to 45 minutes before a victor is declared. Last night a spokesman for Canadian welfare group Network for Animals, who are campaigning to end the contests, urged Brits to add their voice. He said: “If people want to help stop these tournaments they should write to the Philippine Embassy in London and tell them they will not visit their country unless urgent action is taken. “The threat of a loss of tourism money will help to bring this despicable blood sport to an end.” Thousands of eager spectators travel long distances to see the beautiful animals pitched against each other in contests fixed by criminal gangs and corrupt cops. Trainers teach the horses how to fight and the nightmarish spectacles are big business in poor communities where thousands of pounds are wagered on fights. Crime syndicates have taken over the gambling and rake in huge profits. Campaigning veterinary surgeon Dino Yebron, who attends tournaments in the hope of saving as many horses as he can, says: “This is obscene.

Injured ... horses are crippled and killed

Injured … horses are crippled and killed
“The horses are trained to fight, trained to bite and trained to kick — and all this is manipulated by the trainers so they can win.” Kerstin Alford, of animal welfare charity The Blue Cross, adds: “In the wild, it is normal for stallions to fight for the right to rule a herd but nature takes its course when the stronger animal emerges and the other retreats. “These fighting rings, however, force the horses together in an artificial situation where they don’t have the option of backing down and literally have to fight for their lives. “It’s truly appalling that this inhumane practice is allowed to continue and that anyone could find it entertaining.”

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