Oct. 14 new terror plot in UK?

Can anyone make heads or tails of this? It seems to say there are one or more evolved terror plots near or at the execution stage in the UK. The British have become masters of the Vague though even if this is an Australian newspaper…

Fears rise of terror plot in UK

Article from: Herald Sun

Charles Miranda

October 16, 2008 12:00am

MULTIPLE home-grown terrorist cells are plotting a UK attack with the threat now rising almost as high as it was after the 2005 London bombings.

Britain’s Minister for Counter Terrorism Lord West told Parliament yesterday another “great plot” was being investigated by authorities.

“Some of the measures that we have put into place in the past 15 months have made us safer, but that does not mean that we are safe,” he told peers as the House of Lords debated a new Counter Terrorism Bill.

“The threat is huge. It dipped slightly and is now rising again. There are large complex plots.”

The stunning speech came after the Government failed to extend the powers of special terrorism laws.

The House of Lords yesterday rejected a controversial plan to extend the amount of time police can hold terror suspects without charge from 28 to 42 days.

The 309-118 vote dealt the Government a significant defeat. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said a different version would be put into legislation even though it would not be automatic.

Prosecutors would have to apply to a court when they wanted a terror suspect held for that long and Parliament would have to vote on each case if the court agreed to it.

The Government had said the initial proposal – endorsed by the House of Commons in June by a margin of only nine votes – was needed to fight complex international terrorist threats.

Lord West revealed yesterday one major plot had already been unravelled but another was building.

“We have done a great deal to protect ourselves and to look after our water supplies, our resilience, underground trains, our preparedness and communications,” he said.

“We have done all the things that we need to do, but the threat is building – the complex plots are building.”

Ms Smith said the national threat level was now at the “severe end of severe”, the second highest category.

Intelligence service M15 had gathered intelligence that terror activity was increasing.

“There’s lot of ambient activity, some of it sourced to al-Qaida core (leadership) in the Pakistan/Afghanistan border area,” one intelligence source said.

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