There Should Be No Gray Area with Terror: Family Securiy Matters

For a good article on the state of the Canadian Zeitgeist on al matters Jihadi check out Mischa Popoff’s article

Shouldn’t an avowed enemy of a Western nation and its allies be treated as an enemy of that nation? Not according to Lawrence Greenspon, the tax-funded counsel for the defense of terrorist suspect Mohammad Momin Khawaja. Wherever you sit as you read this, if you agree that we need to fight terrorism and clamp down on violent Islamist extremism, you’ll be floored by what’s going on here in Canada.
Greenspon argues that his client, an admitted Jihadist who made detonators for terrorists in the narrowly averted second London bomb plot, who was in possession of explosives, who financed terrorist activity, and who received terrorist training,is not really a terrorist. He’s merely a young Islamist who sought to be an insurgent in Afghanistan, and everyone should just leave the poor guy alone.

The only place where I disagree with Mischa is, Had a Canadian immigrant actually left Canada to compete for a foreign Olympic team the Canadian media actually would be openly attacking him.

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