jihadi jingle bells in the snow

From an article in today’s edition of Canada’s National Post.

A United States anti-terrorism group, Nine Eleven Finding Answers Foundation (NEFA) has posted a video on it’s web site showing a training camp in the snow covered woodlands of rural, southern Ontario. Ten men accused of plotting terrorist attacks against Canadian targets including the Parliament Buildings and CSIS headquarters in Toronto, are seen taking part in jihadist terror paramilitary training exercises against the backbeat of nasheed music and chants of Allahu Akbar.

[flashvideo filename=”http://vladtepesblog.com/videos/nefatorontocamp.flv” width=”480″ height=”480″ /]

The video is part of the evidence against eleven men who were among a larger group of eighteen (dubbed the Toronto Eighteen) arrested in the Toronto area in 2006 on terrorism related charges. The video shot for propaganda purposes was exhibited at the trial of a British Islamic extremist who contacted the Toronto group, presumably to catch up on Islam. The Briton was convicted in August of this year of being a propagandist for Islamic terror.

Meanwhile defence lawyers for one of the accused in the group, a youth who cannot be named due to a publication ban, claim their client could not have agreed to the conspiracy because the plan was a fantasy “with zero probability”. Attorneys for the suspect Mr. Chernovsky and Faisal Mirza, paint their client as a naive seventeen year old convert at the time of his alleged crimes. “When he decided to become a Muslim, he started with a blank slate” Mirza contends. Blank slate? for what?

It is obvious that those defending the jihadist group cheering from the Allahu Akbar side-lines, are content to portray them in the usual apologist context: naive, marginalized youngsters playing fantastical make-believe Muhjadeen in the snowy wilderness; the ordinary stuff of well-meaning, rambunctious, misunderstood youth. Allahu Akbar!


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