Britain creates parallel legal system for Islam?

In 2005 the Liberal Provincial Government in Ontario squashed calls by Islamists to implement sharia law in religious arbitration tribunals to settle civil disputes. Public outrage was so profound in response to this request and it’s subsequent consideration, Premier Dalton McGuinty decided to reject all religious tribunals.

Reality however, paints a far different picture. Sharia is practiced in Canadian Muslim communities regularly and has been for some time and will, no doubt, continue. Polygamous marriages are performed openly and without apology accompanied by a certainty that other troublesome traditions and customs are also surely exercised. I predict the only difference of significance will be when it (sharia) binds itself publicly as a legal entity within the existing framework of Parliamentary law. In essence, an eventual, accepted parallel legal system to suit Islam with little accountability and a marked lack of respect for inherited English justice. 

We have not yet realized the full extent of the diligence of those who desire sharia and their tireless efforts to promote it as a counterpart legal system. McGuinty’s public rejection was only a minor setback, not a defeat, as these organizations continue to steadily increase their pressure and public promotions. Syed Mumtaz Ali of the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice, the frontman for Islamic law in Canada states ” Every act of your life is to be governed by sharia. If you are not obeying the law, you are not a Muslim. That’s all there is to it”. I suspect he is still fully motivated and continues to lobby on behalf of Islamic directive.

For those who still believe that this implementation will never come to pass, consider the present situation in the United Kingdom. It can no longer be disputed that the U.K., and specifically England, have become Islamasized to the point where reversal from it will be next to impossible.

The Centre for Social Cohesion, a British think tank organization has released a survey polling Muslim students on their beliefs and attitudes relating to sharia in the U.K. It is considered the most comprehensive survey ever taken of Muslim student opinion. Here are some of the findings:

40% of British Muslim students want the introduction of sharia law in the U.K.,

33% want a world-wide Islamic sharia-based government,

40% of Muslims think it unacceptable that Muslim men and women mix freely,

25% of Muslim students polled said they either have little or no respect for homosexuals,

54% of Muslim students polled are supportive of an Islamic political party in Britain to represent the views of Muslims at Parliament and,

59% of students polled feel it important to Islam that Muslim women wear the hijab.

Access to the full survey can be found here.

The following article explains how the British legal system has been manipulated by Islamists to ensure Islamic law finds binding security within a secular system. The exploitation of the Arbitration Act assures that sharia customs, traditions and principles all of which are incompatible with western values and in direct opposition to secular society will be openly followed with little, if any repercussion. “Islamic Sharia Courts”.

For years many had predicted this outcome and it seems it has finally come to pass. Whose next?


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