Mujahadeen film clips. Not for family viewing

A friend of mine, a Bosnian Serb sent me this link which leads to a series of graphic, harsh, snuff films made by the Mujahadeen of central Europe showing the jihad in Bosnia 1992 to 1995. As much as my friend likes the US, he is no friend to Bill Clinton. I think I know why. As we watch the newly minted state of Kosovo ethnically cleanse al Christians out of it with harasment ostracism murder and see Christian history and non Islamic history erased from this state by fire i have learned to sympathise with my Romanian Serb friend.

Anyone who already understands the war between the Muslims and the rest of us neednt bother to watch these clips. Anyone who still things Islam is the religion of peace, maybe you should as well as watch the feature film Islam: What the West Needs to Know shown in it’s entirety here.

Thanks R_S


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