U.K. Terror trial. commentary and questions.

Melanie Phillips has a great column on the seeming failure of the recent trial in England of the people accused of planning to bring down transatlantic flights from the U.K. to U.S. It is interesting that only a few of the accused where convicted given the overwhelming amount of evidence such as video tapes they each made expecting to have them broadcast on the news when their plots where successful.

One question about the escapee. The man said to be Al Queda’s #1 man in England. Why did the driver let him out at a mosque to pray between the courtroom and prison? A man widely considered to be among the more dangerous of the jihadis was simply let go to pray at a mosque where he just ran out the back door. Is it time England used a subtly difrent version of affirmative action in its hiring practices for the civil service?

From BBC:

But, as Terror in the Skies? reports, for Rashid Rauf the story does not end there. In an extraordinary twist of the story Rauf, the man described by one intelligence source as al-Qaeda’s “main guy in Pakistan”, remains at large, having escaped from custody in Pakistan.

Whilst he was being transferred back to prison from court, his police guards let him stop at a mosque to pray and he simply ran out of the back door.

An internal US intelligence document that Taylor has seen concludes that Rauf at large “remains a threat to Pakistan – and Britain”.

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