Jihad. The problem is, you can never win it. Only lose it.

Jihad has an intrinsic problem. It can’t be won only lost. Let me put it more simply. You know when you lose a hoy war. But you can’t ever know when you won because when do you stop fighting for god?

Let’s do a hypothetical. Lets say you manage to dominate an entire nation by allying all Muslims to fight the infidel until the goal is reached and all non Muslims in this hypothetical nation are either converted or accept Muslim rule and live as Dhimmis. Now the Muslims have a problem. God instructs them that that the only way to get to paradise is to fight for Allah. Logically they will have to fight each other. The aiance between say, the Suni’s and Shii’a end and they begin to attack each other both claiming the other are not ‘real Muslims’

A fascinating example of that reared its head in Pakistan today with the murder of a Doctor who’s particular sect of Islam was deemed ‘Illegal’.

According to this article,

“Dr. Siddiqui was the Vice-President of the local chapter of the Ahmadiyya Community, a long-persecuted religious minority which, in 1974, was declared non-Muslim, and then in 1984, became criminally prohibited from declaring themselves as Muslims and peacefully practicing their Islamic faith, including greeting people and praying in accordance with Islamic custom and practice.”

So in other words, a group of Muslims who, for the sake of an analogy broke their eggs on the wrong end are declared illegal and now cannot practice their brand of Islam at all and especially call it islam or do any practices thought of as Islamic.

This is a perfect example of why a jihad cannot be won. You cannot ever stop fighting for gods.

This also may lead to a kind of solution. Should we smarten up in the west and stop immigration from Islamic lands, Isolate the Muslim world and avoid as much trade as possible (as Fjordman suggests), and force Islamic ideas to only impact Muslims the religion and culture will collapse. A system such as Islam must rely on new materials ideas and technologies from conquered peoples or purchase them as it does not tolerate activities within its own sphere which are new and not in accordance with Islamic principles.

There are plenty of historical examples of this cycle. During the Catholic age in Europe once all the heretics had been dealt with Catholics started accusing each other of all manner of arcane thought crimes for the same reason. In order to find grace with god and the church you had to fight the devil wherever you could make him up to be and that was usually in the persons of other good Catholics who happened to be expedient to the purpose at the moment.

So in essence a Jihad cannot be won only lost. Let’s make sure we assist the Muslims to a clear loss as soon as humanly possible as the costs escalate dramatically with each year we pretend that they will quit if they think they won, which clearly is at least the semi conscious strategy of Western nations at present.

(postscript) This article also uses the ‘Real Scotsman’ Logical fallacy however which is unfortunate. It makes the claim that those who murdered this doctor who was a peaceful man attempting to serve the poorest in the tribal areas of Pakistan where also not ‘true Muslims, which is the exact reason he was murdered. They felt he was not. This proves my point rather perfectly however. You cannot win a jihad. only lose.

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