Fjordman’s suggestion, and a test case for it.

The venerable Fjordman, one of the best, if not the best writer of the anti Jihad made a rather interesting suggestion on Gates of Vienna. He responded to an article about how a Muslim Lawyer in the Netherlands was allowed not to stand up when the judge enters a courtroom he is in, as its his religious beliefe not to show that kind of deference to another ‘person’. (of course its probably that he wont show respect to a Kufaar)

Fjordman suggested that we, the anti jihad begin to make a list for post occupation times, with the optimistic assumptions of course that we do win, of collaborators with Islam who are selling out their own people, values and cultures for the purpose of a kind of Nuremberg trial after all this is done.

The original article and Fjordman’s suggestion are linked above to the words Gates of Vienna.

This I think if done in a non threatening manner but a serious one, could actually be a good reminder for elected representatives as well as appointed authority in western lands of what they are playing with when they appease Islamists on demands while ignoring those whom they represent and serve. So perhaps by way of experiment we can watch a fairly predictable scenario unfold.

CAIR, The Council on American Islamic relations, and a well known supporter of terrorism Jihad and Islamic manifest destiny, has issued a list of demands for many fields about how Muslims are to be treated in North America.

It is worth reading as much as one can stomach of what changes CAIR and other Islamic organizations want us to change, things like having nurses assist Muslim patients in hospitals to wash their feet 5 times a day for prayer, and a very long list of extras, and find out who in Canada and the US agree to any of these demands and publish their names on a list. It is important that our representatives know that we are unhappy with this kind of destruction of our own system. If they are not made aware of it, why should they stop appeasing?

Have a read of the various lists of demands and try at least to make a mental note of how fast you notice these things being implemented and at the expense of rational use of resources.

On journalism:

On Healthcare providing:

On how we must present Islam in schools:

The 20 page document on how Islam is to be presented in our media

Thanks a million to grace by the way who diligently found these links and is a tireless worker for liberal democracy.

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