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The British government continue to trash abandon and selectively enforce or destroy centuries of British justice as usual by allowing for example, a Muslim cab driver to run over a passenger in a fit of rage over a mis stated fare.

Just when you think The UK has submitted to Islam as far as it reasonably can you see this. I’m surprised they didnt charge the victim with damaging the cab with his body as he was hit by it. I really have to learn not to make jokes like that though, it usually just foreshadows tomorrow’s headline.

Then we have another Fatwa from Al Queda….

Islamic Jihadists Post 50K Bounty on McCain’s Spiritual Advisor Pastor Rod Parsley

Muslims are such attention sluts. Its like no one on earth can have a party without Muslims threatening to kill someone at it. It must piss them off Russia is getting so much attention.

If there is anyone who reads this humble blog from the UK and is familiar with London England please have a look at this map and post a comment explaining a little about the red areas on it. The red areas have the highest crime rates in London. Would be interesting to know who lives there. My money is on the Ahmish or possebly the Baha’i. Maybe a Tibetan community?

Back to England. I have to wonder if the preponderance of British dhimmitude is so noticable as they speak English there so I dont notice it as much as everywhere else or if the British really have lost all sense of their own culture and values more so than the rest of West Europe. Apparently, a ‘secret’ Government report is out showing that Muslim police are 10X more likely to be corrupt than non Muslim police.

Almost certainly this is untrue as if it where true whoever wrote this report would have been killed by a Muslim already. Of course, the day isn’t over yet.

Maybe thats why its secret?

The Danes are shocked to find that crime is much higher in ‘ethnic minorities‘ than in the indigenous Danish population.

A critical problem
Of a total of 85 under 18’s who appeared in preliminary hearings in Copenhagen in the first half of 2008, for crimes that can give a maximum penalty of 18 months or longer, 67% had a non-Danish ethnic background compared with 56% in 2007.

Bech Hansen tells Jyllands-Posten that crime among young immigrants is “the biggest and most critical problem in the Danish capital”.

“It is very alarming that young people of immigrant backgrounds constitute an increasing number of those appearing for preliminary hearings. It is vital that we start a massive preventive effort,” the Police Commissioner says.”

The Dane’s still dont have the guts, or possibly its illegal, to say WHO these minorities are Frankly i’m surprised they can say as much as they did.

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