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2 Replies to “New website concerning Islam, Women, anti semitism and terror”

  1. I just watched the video on Afghan women. It is heart wrenching. If all westerners could see this tape they would not be so eager to acquiesce to he demands of Islam. They would not allow Sharia Law to crepe into their system.

  2. I suspect that Sharia has already crept in to many if not most western nations to one degree or another already. Canada’s main province of Ontario has already allowed a Muslim to have four wives and they may all live together and collect a welfare check each if he has married them outside of Canada. Also the CHRC’s seem to enforce Islamic sensititvities about anything that may offend them according to their own criteria and not the criteria of a democratic and free state.
    There are many good videos on Islam and women on this blog as well. Please do check under the categories button for feminism. One called ‘Breakfast Club’ is especially good I think.

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