Great comment on Civil war in Sweden.

I’m re posting this without permission as I have no idea how to get in touch with the original poster. I hope he takes it as I wish him to, as a compliment to a well thought out response. If not he can email me and I’ll remove it immediately. This is from Gates of Vienna

Blogger Decatur said…
I’ve always understood the purpose of the EU is to create a Socialist Bloc to counter the superpower status of the Capitalist United States. But with the current crop of presidential candidates one wonders for how much longer the EU will regard the USA as being a worthy recipient of their counterbalancing concerns. It would seem that the United States is about to elect a president with strong Marxist tendencies and a slight Muslim history. Charlemagne has my sympathies, and as a Briton living in the US, I too dread an Obama presidency. The upbringing of Obama, the controversy surrounding his birth, his other name (Barry Soetoro), his Islamic education and his associates are quite different from what one would expect a presidential candidate who loves America and the American Capitalist system to have. Far too many Marxist mentors, American hating terrorist associates, Muslims and Liberation Theology Christians and far too much just plain dislike of the American system to make me feel comfortable with Obama. There is little in his background or programme that would advance Conservatism, Capitalism or even traditional Christianity (his Chigago church has as many Islamic publications for sale as Christian, his pastor Jeremiah Wright is an ex-Muslim (if that’s possible!). Might the EU find itself with an ally rather than a bloc to counter?
Regarding civil war in Europe, I’m not as sure as some here that it will take place. I do believe the UK will be the target nation for Islamist takeover, but I’m not so certain that they will fight to retain their identity. It has been too damaged already. The populace is unarmed and too few of them know what is happening to their nation. For the past 50 years or so, they have been educated to be ignorant and feel shame about their nation’s past. But in any case, does it really matter what the indigenous people think? From what I see and hear about my once harmonious and happy country, far too many Britons have been lulled into the ‘ignorance is bliss’ mentality, with heavy doses of welfare, soccer, reality TV, Sex n’ Booze, Eastenders (a complete demographic fantasy) having been poured into their poorly educated heads, so remote are they now from understanding the fact that England, Scotland and Wales are almost gone. A sorry end indeed.
Who’s to blame? The media as in the United States is controlled by the Left who are allied to the Islamists. They control what people know and to an extent what they feel about issues. Unless people are internet savvy , it is likely they are not getting as much information about Islamification as we get from just this one website. I am constantly amazed at the lack of interest, the ignorance and the laizzez faire attitude of my fellow citizens. It is quite likely that within the next 5-10 years accepting Islam will be seen by the Government as preferable to opposing it, especially as opposition to Islam is demonstrably Islamophobic and will cause Parisian style uprisings. Islamification in Europe and esp. the UK(The little Satan), will continue as it is now; year by year more and more concessions made, year by year more and more Muslims elected to positions of power in local and eventually national government. Once established laws can be changed civil war will not be necessary.
The interesting scenario will be the reaction of the United States (The Great Satan) to a British Caliphate that has access to nuclear weapons. That will make the difference to our world, hence my concern over the election of Barack Obama.

8/17/2008 1:38 PM

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