Khawaja and Sexy bro Islam

Islamic extremists and subversives place great emphasis on infiltrating social, political, economic and security apparatuses of target nations, like Canada, with a view to manipulating and undoing their infrastructure”. David Harris, “The Enemy Within”, Ottawa Citizen, June 26, 2008.

Without a doubt this article has been one of the most insightful analysis of global terrorism written in any Canadian newspaper since 9/11 exposing the presence of what is known as “soft jihad”. There is no mistaking the immediate impact and devestation that suicide bombers inflict world wide. But like a sexual climax, these traumas often result in the “biggest bang” garnering the most media, political and social attention. What is often neglected is the ongoing “erection of jihad”; the build-up of radical, Islamic tension resulting in the wishful loss of innocent life for political/religious gain. So what exactly gives a jihadist a boner?

Two main things. The first and foremost, is the popular message sent from the “back home” jihadist porno sellers that the infidelic West is to blame for any and all Middle Eastern turbulence. Second, is a welcoming Western suitor willing to entertain this philosophy as intellectual fair-play in the name of geo-political good-will and mandated sensitivity. Like a naive pre-teen, we exhalt in the ideal that our goodness will somehow supercede any jarred hatred, and, like any dysfunctional relationship we are blinded by our own ideal and ignorant perspective. In essence we are aiding and abetting our own destruction. The result? Canada has become the perfect fertile ground for pro-Islamist organizations and their jihadist supporters to jerk-off to fantasies of global destruction while we, as a willing partner, turn down the bed.

Momin Khawaja has allegedly infiltrated his way into every aspect of Canadian society taking full advantage of a well intentioned environment which prefers to believe he holds an allegiance. But like so many others of his ilk, his intention may have been to clearly adjoin his efforts not to Canadians, but to his overseas (Pakistani) “bros” and “niggas” who would malign and use his (Canada) homeland as a strategic base in an apparent effort to bomb Britain in an attempt to destroy the much hated West.

In an e-mail to Omar Khyam, the man British authorities consider the leader of the fertilizer-bomb-plot, Mr. Khawaja wrote: “Also bro, I will start on the remote devices right away, and let u know once we have it ready for testing, and I find some of the things for testing. Urea, nitro, phosphate, anything else we need?”. If found guilty, Khawaja may well be a perfect example of modern day Muslim thievery. If found innocent, he still may exemplify the waywardness of a young man turned Muslim gock. Islamists the world over intend to reimburse their lack of technological advancement and modern day progress by stealing useful technology and creativity from western countries to advance a monotheistic regime. This is not a new phenomenon; it has enjoyed it’s relative continuance for over a thousand years.

” We should infiltrate the police forces, the armies, the different political parties, the newspapers, the Islamic groups, the petroleum companies….private security companies, sensitive civil institutions”. Radical Islamists are to be “infiltrating the adversaries and their fellow travelers and establishing a strong security apparatus” to support the underground movement, now, and the resulting theocratic Islamic state later”. These are the words of one of Islam’s king pins of terrorist, slut porn, Abu Bakr Naji, al-Qaeda’s senior operational strategic thinker. The message is clear: fuck them from behind and we will lead the world. This sentiment is neither new, nor is it foreign to Europe.

Between the trial of Momin Khawaja and Mr. Harris’s article there should be little doubt; Islamist terrorism operates freely in Canada. Muslim organizations continue to warn us of the risks involved in neglecting to see and condemn openly the extremist aims of others in our midst. Yet we continue to lack the collective will to heed their assertive warning as an honest and thoughtful recommendation to national safety, preferring to believe that all Canadians are enamored patriots and well-intentioned inheritants of this land.

If the Momin Kawaja trial and David Harris’s article can show us anything, it is to (1) recognize that we have been grossly misled by Islamists posing as “thoughtful” members of Canadian society (2) there is a legitimate need to investigate and expose these same “thoughtfuls” as extremists (3) to reject the manipulative claims of “Islamophobia” perpetuated by many apologists and sympathizers of jihad and (4) to assertively re-think our collective ideal of openness and tolerance in these new and troublesome times.

Just give me one or two weeks, cuz of fastin an all…..aight nigga, hope things go good with your move to the U.S. and come by Canada if you’re coming this way, we can hook up here if you like, chill. lemme know how to send over that cash”. Momin Khawaji in an e-mail to al-Quaeda operative Mr. Babar, key witness for the Crown prosecution in the trial. Funny how this sounds like the Crips and the Bloods from L.A…………. I thought Islam hated Western influence?


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