the soft side of jihad: shari’a

This is our religion and nobody can force us to do anything against our religion. If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that.” Aly Hindy, Canadian imam.

It’s important to realize that political Islam operates from a two-pronged approach: the use of violence to shock the world into submission and to implement shari’a, Islamic law, globally. The former has immediate and brutal results; swift and explosive, the latter, the softer side of jihad with similarly devestating, albeit slower results. Physical assault and philosophical alteration of western values are the goals with the intended achievement being the death to opposition by force and coersion. When George W. Bush stated ” they hate our freedom” he was right; freedom, individual liberty and equality directly oppose shari’a.

Shari’a is practiced by thousands of Muslims everyday worldwide.

Shari’a is Islam and Islam is shari’a. Islamic law is little more than barbarism dressed as religious belief and obligation applied by degrees. Muslims inherit shari’a at birth with no possibility of an exit. Whabbist clerics and mullahs, patient and skilled in the art of deception, are trained and directed to alter a host country’s ideology toward Islamic supremacy. To understand and manipulate democratic policies and pursue avenues which afford them opportunity to instill 7th century practices and custom is a Quranic fundamental, a principle which has directed Islam for 1400 years.

While the increasing threat of fundamentlism rises in the world, western politicians dither over global warming and extoll the virtues of multiculturalism. To slam jet airliners into skyscrapers or strap a bomb onto the waist of a mentally challenged youngster is sensational, horrific and immediate, garnering the attention of an international press and the loud denouncement of world leaders. This is hardcore, in -your- face, jihad. And as the attention of the world is justifiably focused on it’s limitation and prevention, the softer side of jihad, or creeping shari’a, grows in western nations considerably, with nary a peep of protest. Increasing participation and approval from politcians and an apathetic citizenry ensure success with little recourse.

Consider shari’a’s presence the next time a story breaks of a minister being beaten outside of his church in Liverpool or how Muslim nurses in English hospitals refuse to wash before surgery because they will not expose their bare skin. Think of this soft jihad the next time university students at a Canadian university request time table changes for exams because the established ones conflict with Ramadan or when a young woman is murdered because she has shamed her family for dressing in the western style. Realize that to allow veiled voting, gender segregated public swimming pools at the local Y and the crippling of the Canadian media is to administer shari’a.

To gain a further understanding of the negative impact of shari’a in Canada, please go to the following site:  Within this site is a link to This second link directs you to Darul Qada (The Beginnings of a Muslim Civil Justice System in Canada) and The Islamic Institute of Civil Justice. I leave you with the following quote by one of Canada’s most outspoken advocates of shari’a:

Muslim minorities living in non-Muslim countries like Canada are like wandering Bedouins for whom the Shariat (shari’a) applies, irregardless of where or when they live. Although they are free to live according to the Divine Law, to practice their faith unhindered in their homes and masjids (mosques), they have practically no say in the making of the laws of the land, and government institutions do not cater to their needs”. Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims and founder of The Islamic Institute of Civil Justice.


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