some moderacy…..

Since September 11, 2001 westerners have been asking moderate Muslims to denounce terrorist activity. The admonishments have been few and far between with most supplying only well crafted, insincere criticism of barbarism followed by support and justification for “the struggle of jihad”.  

Among the few and far between is the Muslim Canadian Congress. An organization of progressive thinking moderate Muslims, this group is quick to counter the implementation of shari’a and expose the ill-truths and anti-semitism recited time and again by other fundamentalist Saudi inspired groups, namely the Canadian Islamic Congress. In doing so, they put themselves at risk, where ridicule and threats are regular by-products of their “unIslamic” stance.

Despite the risks involved, they continue to challenge the radical element in Canada. We need to pay attention, consider what they have to say and support their aim. Understanding all too well the destructive nature that Islamism poses, their respect for Canadian values is as refreshing as drinking a cold pint in an otherwise hellish, dry Arabian sandpit.

Please take a moment to view their site. Understand that they represent much of the Muslim community and also wish to rid Canada of it’s growing Islamo-fascist blight.




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