More horrors against women and humanity by the religion of peace

Here I have accumulated recent links showing how women both in the Islamic world and in the west are being murdered by Muslims in the name of Islam and ‘family honour’. This first one details how an Iraqi woman was murdered by her in laws for having an unknown phone number on her cell phone. it is, from what I have read recently, among the more rational reasons for murder in Islam. Some women including one in Germany are being killed because the brother father or husband felt that she may have dishonoured him in some way. Nothing specific just you know, felt it.

April 30th 2008

May 1st 2008

May 5th 2008

 May 3rd 2008 Germany

 Ongoing and a great link. Read down to how a Muslim doctor had to flee Wales to Pakistan to avoid being killed by her relatives when she was disowned by her husband. When Muslims have to free Britain to hide in Pakistan to avoid being murdered, maybe its time the UK had a long think about its values.

For those of you who have not yet done so, please watch this video here on this blog. Its an excellent set of speeches by various activists in the US about abuse of women by Islam and its followers.

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