Not Jerry’s kids

According to Stratfor, Osama Bin Laden’s son eighteen year old Hamza bin Laden is busy trying to earn his terrorist merit badges from dad by recruiting children between thirteen and sixteen and focusing on the mentally impaired.  Young Bin Laden is reportedly focusing on low IQ or the mentally disabled and from broken homes.

This is a deliberate focus of his group and not a default position although it does reveal both desperation and as Stratfor says, an ability to adjust strategies with changing needs. These needs of course seem to be a consequence of American efforts to destroy Al Queda as an effective organisation, which they have cleary done.

From a stratfor report titled “Al Queda: Creative recruiting for Suicide Bombers” … Al Qaeda’s apparent focus on recruiting minors is revealing of the group’s desperation.

It is well known by now that al Qaeda is attempting to counter serious shortages in recruits since its ranks have been depleted, particularly in Iraq where the group has been severely hampered by U.S-allied armed Sunni groups.

Bin Laden’s son, one of nineteen of the terrorist chief turned Max Headroom, is at least recognizing that his mentally able loyal members are more valuable as planners bomb makers and administration. Young Bin Laden is now focusing on women as well as women are more likely to be able to pass security checkpoints in Iraq in loose fitting clothing than a man in a bulky vest. This is why we are seeing more women in suicide attacks.

What makes these particularly repugnant is the new strategy of using remote control detonators to the explosives that these people are wearing for the attacks removing nearly all elements of free choice from their actions. With conventional suicide/homicide attacks there is at least the grudging if secret admission to oneself that the attacker, deluded as he may be about an afterlife etc. was in control of his own actions. Now we have Bin Laden’s son using those already of marginal or negligible ability to make decisions being used as human bombs and detonated without possibly even their knowledge or consent. For all we know these people may think they are sneaking food into a compound for starving mothers.

One such female suicide bomber was faking pregnancy detonated in early May in the middle of a Shiite wedding. More famously, two mentally disabled women where remote detonated in two pet markets killing 73 people. Camels are also being packed with explosives and remote detonated near any desirable target.

From Stratfor:

insurgent leaders have developed a variety of insurance policies to ensure a successful attack, regardless of the bomber’s mental health. Such methods include remotely detonating the suicide bomb from a getaway vehicle parked near the attack site, tying the hands of the bomber to the steering wheel of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and having a gunman on site to shoot the suicide bomber and automatically trigger the release on the bomb should the attacker get cold feet.

With the above, any last remote or feeble claim to morality vanishes. The only thing I can think of more repugnant than what Stratfor describes above, is the fact that Israeli agents have discovered, (uncovered might be the wrong term in this context) a woman who had twenty Lbs. of explosives stitched to her underwear. Tamil Tigers have invented the suicide Brassiere and one woman accidentally blew herself up outside the office of a Tamil minister.

In any case I believe this rather brilliantly highlights the difference between a culture rooted in Judeo-Christian principles and one of Islam. These are not Jerry’s kids as I quip in the title. We tend to try and find ways of taking care of those not fully able to take care of themselves in every way we can, while Muslims seem to find ways of making them into human ordnance. A more disgusting thing I cannot imagine.




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