Interview with climate scientists on Global Warming. A must hear.

John Counsell, loquacious CFRA Ottawa talk radio personality had two of the most highly credentialed climate scientists on his talk show to both debunk the usual claims of anthropogenic (of human origin) global warming advocates and also to answer the call in questions from the listening audience at CFRA from the scientific to the absurd and mystical.

This is a great resource to combat the current crop of chicken Little’s

Interview with 2 climate scientists

I recommend tuning in to and streaming often especially for Lowell Green, probably Canada’s most courageous and honest journalists/talk show hosts and for John Counsell at 10:00 AM to noon weekdays and 10:00 PM to midnight weekdays respectively EST.

Both these guys deliver hard hitting shows on irrational leftism, Islam and its threat to liberal democracy and other issues regularly.


(PS I edited out the commercials as the original MP3 was too large to upload to the blog. Apologies to the excellent people at CFRA and lucky for the rest of you)

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