For fight fans, the great Lewis-Ali match revisited.

Now this is arguably one of the worst moment in Canadian journalism. Your classic post modernist Canadian sanctimonious jerk trying to beat up an amazing woman about her own childhood.

I love how she handles him though. Like other Ali’s I know of in the ring, she floats like a butterfly and stinks like a bee.

When I first saw this I was thinking this arsehole should leave CBC and go to Al Jazeera. Too late I found out, he did.

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One Reply to “For fight fans, the great Lewis-Ali match revisited.”

  1. Avi Lewis is typical of a mealy-mouthed, Canadian leftist idiot who attempts to pass himself off as a thinking person, yet completely ill- prepared for intelligent discourse. It becomes evident in the first few seconds of this interview that Mr. Lewis is way out of his league, up against a heavy-weight.

    He brings to the conversation a style of cheap arrogance only an apologist’s mother could love. While Ms. Hirsi Ali struggles to contend with his obvious ignorance, Avi pretends to have a rounded understanding of the issue at hand.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a thorough knowledge of Islam and it’s preponderance toward hate. Her assertions are correct; the result of a lifetime of living and witnessing Islam’s doctrine, politics, culture and innate, tribal brutality.

    Avi Lewis’ assertions of Islam are typical. Little knowledge flourished with a total disregard for the truth, he represents precisely the fixed mind set that Ms. Ali so vehemently directs her attention toward and works tirelessly to reach. Avi is a lost cause due to his alliance with al-Jazeera.

    Nevertheless, for those of us who do not rely upon smug ignorance, general arseholery and befriending terrorism as a pastime, we see Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a courageous fighter and an inspiration. ” Caged Virgin” and “Infidel” are two important books to be read full of meaning, insight and warning. With gloves off, she is the clear winner in this ring. Match over.


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