I would rather not get off on another subject, as I was making an observation about an essay written by Fjordman, but…to me…a fundamentalist is characterized by religious advocates that cling to an entrenched position, that have an intransigent set of beliefs…I do not usually mean it to be pejorative, but more annoying, and ultimately, unable to discuss or reason …and I find ALL fundamentalists to fit this mold..hence..I will stick to my original statement..


I really identified with the points made in this blog. Going along with the canine theory, it reminds me of an old analogy. Man gets a dog, but the dog isn't the most congenial of pets, and doesn't seem to want to get along with the man, so he bites the man...hard..and the man re acts with a hard retaliation..so the dog bites him again, and again the man hits back. Well this proceeds back and forth and the man tells the dog.."Quit biting me and I will quit hitting you!" back! To which the dog, that started it all, responds.."Quit hitting me and I will quit biting you"..It is a no win situation...because that dog is going to bite him again even if he stops..

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