Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s most excellent book, Infidel

Ok I’m 40 pages from the end of this book. I have been reading it like a madman since Friday night and its now Sunday afternoon taking brief breaks to chat online and look after basic life functions. But this is a great read.

Her message is likely nothing that new to most readers of this blog but her perspective most certainly is.

Why is this book so important to read? Cause when we see the message delivered simply and directly by thousands of Muslims every month all over the world in deed and in word we simply pretend they don’t really mean it. When they say…

Its about as simple and to the point as it can be but we prefer to imagine this is a tiny minority or they don’t really think this or believe this or we or worse, THEYare misinterpreting their own holy books, books we haven’t even read, yet seem confident that they don’t understand.

This video was shown recently in a UK court as it was made by one of the alleged terrorist-hijackers who had planned to simultaneously blow up a number of jets from the UK to Canada and the USA.

We still don’t get it do we?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is to be congratulated for a number of things. Some of the less obvious, are that she understands the benefits of a classical education more so than many of we, privileged enough to have grown up in a liberal democracy. She has actually read Spinoza and sees the benefits.

She believes that Islam is non miscible with western liberal democracy and having grown up in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and even briefly in Ethiopia she has a right to that opinion from pure experience alone. Even so, the non miscibility of these 2 cultures is clear enough. But her book, an autobiography which shows how Islamic thought is one of total unquestioning obedience to the teachings of Mohamed, of brutal bigotry (All things from taps that don’t work or blown light-bulbs in Saudi Arabia is the fault of Jews) current attitudes to host nations where Muslims move, while hostile attitudes towards their hosts who pay their way, all are manifestations of Islam.

She has lost friends because Muslims objected to the characterisation of Islam being violent. So Muslims killed them. She has lived under guard for saying nothing more than what any historical liberal would say.

It takes her 300 pages to explain this but every page is gripping and worth reading. A beautiful self critical analysis of life as a woman, as an African, as a European and as a Muslim and even as an atheist.

This weekend was worth every minute I spent of it reading this book. I hope you will consider getting it and settling down with it.

“Having made that journey, I know that one of those worlds is simply better than the other. Not because of its flashy gadgets, but fundamentally, because of its values.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaking of the west as simply a better place, system and value set that the world of Islam


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