Essays of distortion

The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House have pooled their respective resources to sponsor an essay contest aimed at Canadian high school and post-secondary students. The national writing contest is one of many activities in a year long campaign commemorating the 60th anniversary of Nakba.

Nakba, loosly translated from arabic to mean catastrophe or disaster has been adopted to reference the plight and victimization of the Palestinian people resulting from the creation of the state of Israel.  

The CIC’s website, offers detailed information for anyone wishing to participate in this commemorative activity; look under action/alert for more specifics. Maliable enthusiasts can find out how to submit an essay for “Ethnic cleansing of Palestine” in a few easy steps. Additionally, the sponsors are happy to award winners cash prizes and complimentary copies of Professor Ilan Paape’s insightful book ” The ethnic cleansing of Palestine”.

Frank Dimant, executive director of B’nai Brith of Canada denounced this creative call for youth participation in his article entitled ” A crude tool for teaching students to hate Israel” found in today’s edition of The National Post.  I am in agreement with his assertion that this project aims to distort and malign the truths pertaining to the complexities of the Palestinian/Arab/Israeli conflict. I would go further to say that by this incredible distorted perspective, the project further fuels discord and perpetuates anti-semitism.

Admitedly, I know little of both the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House. I am aware however that the former shimmies to the beat of the Hezbollah tune. President Khaled Moummar, in typical Muslim apologist fashion declares that ” hezbollah is seen as a symbol of the struggle against Israeli oppression, injustice and occupation”. Forget the fact that Canada has included Hezbollah on the national terrorist organization list, Mr. Moummar. The latter while inviting aged imams to speak at halal-friendly get togethers, plans to launch the first annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival this coming October. Details for submission requirements for film enthusiasts can be found at We’ll wait to see if service providers will host. Can’t wait.

I am however familiar with the rantings of the CIC. Boasting itself as the body representative of Canada’s majority Muslim population, this group is brazen in it’s anti-american sentiment, well crafted, sneaky anti-semitism and, by extension, anti-western attitude. A quick scan of it’s site (mentioned above) and a look at the op-eds provides one with a clear glimpse into Quaranic literalism.  Along with mealy-mouthed, sparse denouncements of terrorist activity and a predictable flow of disclaimers of Muslim responsibility in violent, global episodes, this group pines for sharia, calls upon the Canadian government to change it’s course of foreign policy and argues for cultural concessions for the Muslim community’s benefit.

Maclean’s magazine and journalist Mark Stein are the latest “islamophobes” caught in the CIC’s cardsharking game of let’s f*** freedom of speech and expression. While these men and many others work to restore a battered fundamental value, the CIC continues with offensive and backwater viewpoints and the sponsorship of a ridiculous contest attempting to alter historical fact.

Islamic organizations who pose as moderate and thoughtful benefit no one and are undeserving of civic respect. No child should be encouraged to participate in imported and culmulative, tribal hatreds and the fanning of anti-Israeli sentiment.

For more information on the commemorative project of Nakba, e-mail of the representatives of the three public organizations mentioned are listed below.

Palestine House; Issam Alyamani;

Canadian Arab Federation; Mohammed Boujerane;

CIC; Romina Ghasemain;


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