From Mark Steyn’s news letter: Why white supremacists and not Muslims?

This is astonishing.

How can any organization see fit to go after 25 skinheads with a relatively benign march on Calgary, a group who didn’t even break the Human rights commission’s absurd standards of un-Canadian speech yet ignore 1000 Muslims chanting ‘death to jews’ in that city one year earlier.

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Canada’s self-styled Simon Wiesenthal hit the panic button because 25 skinheads marched in Calgary over the weekend. They carried flags saying “white pride”, and rode the subway. Their march fizzled when they were met by police, and 150 communists and anarchists.

Those 25 white supremacists are bigots — just like Indian supremacists and Black supremacists are. But criminals? From what I can tell, the Calgary skinheads didn’t do or say anything that even reached the threshhold of a human rights thought crime, let alone a Criminal Code violation. They certainly didn’t do anything as bad as publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed.

I’m glad that Calgary — and Kinsella — are so vigilant about 25 skinheads in a city of 1 million. I really am glad. But unlike Kinsella, I think social marginalization and spirited refutation is the best antidote to haters. More than that, I believe we each have to take civic responsibility to rebut haters, not delegate that to “anti-hate teams” at corrupt government human rights commissions.

But I’ve got a question for Kinsella. Where was his outrage a few years ago when more than 1,000 Muslim radicals marched through Calgary chanting “death to the Jews” and flying the flag of the terrorist group Hezbollah? Here are two news reports from the Calgary Herald.

Unlike the 25 impotent white supremacists, this jihadist mob tried to break and enter the U.S. consulate and the federal government’s Harry Hays building, too.

I’m not sure if shouting “death to the Jews” meets the criminal standard of uttering death threats, or inciting violence. I think it sure warrants investigation — but Calgary police didn’t do so until pressed; and no charges were laid that I’m aware of. And, of course, the human rights commissions were silent — they have never prosecuted a single case of Islamic fascism.

That “death to the Jews” incident isn’t rare. Jihadist marches in Canada are becoming more commonplace — and MPs from Kinsella’s party are often there, not to bury but to praise. And then there are Lebanon-style Hezbollah billboards.

Darcey Jerrom reminds us of another leftist/Islamist “rally” in Calgary where the flag of the Hezbollah terrorists — a hand holding an AK-47 machine gun — was waved by a Muslim activist standing atop Calgary’s war memorial. Here’s a partial video clip; I’ll see if I can track down at shot right on the memorial itself.

I don’t think that flying the flag of a terrorist group should be illegal. Actually, it’s a good way to identify and marginalize the radicals, who would otherwise be anonymous amongst us. I’m just pointing out, for the umpteenth time, that the true threat to Jews in 2008, and to inter-ethnic relations in general, is probably not from 25 skinheads unable even to come up with a rhyming chant. The true threat is from one or two thousand Muslims demanding death to the Jews, and trying to break into government offices. Not surprisingly, the faux anti-racists who were brave enough to stand up to the faux fascists this weekend were nowhere to be found when the Islamists were rallying. Actually, that’s probably not true, either — many of them were probably chanting right along.

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  1. Do you hate faeries and unicorns as well? How do you manage to hate something you claim you do not believe in? That’s more mental gymnastics than I can handle personally.

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