Censorship in the USA for Islam

Geert Wilders has created as we all know, quite the excrement storm merely for claiming he is releasing a film critical of Islam.

Network Solutions has seen fit to remove Geert’s web site for his movie Fitna merely for having a cover of the Koran on it, and saying ‘Fitna the movie coming soon’

That was the total content of the web site which network solutions has seen fit to remove.

The above link will take you to the excellent blog Klein Verzet out of Holland (I am reliably informed this means ‘little resistance’) and has links to forms we can fill out for Network Solutions. As they say, polite explicit complaints are the way to go. Not hostile invectives please.

The fact that the USA or more properly a US based Internet giant has chosen to censor web sites not even for content but for alluding to content that Muslims have decided in advance will offend their so delicate sensibilities bodes very poorly for liberalism and free speech in the western world.

Geert has claimed if he has to, he will give out copies of his DVD for free himself. I will join that parade as soon as possible.

Please do consider writing Network Solutions on this matter as well, lets try and get some wine and cheese parties together and invite all our friends and acquaintances over to watch Fitna once the movie and DVD are available to the public.

It should also be noted, that Network Sulutions DOES have Hizbolah’s web site in English.

This web site seems totally dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jewish people. This site IS on Network solutions while a site which merely advertises a movie, one which questions whether Islamic values and the liberal values of Europe and specifically Holland are compatible was removed by them.

Once again we see that terrorism, blackmail and threats by the Islamic community continues to work to crush everything western civilization has fought for centuries to achieve. Whats shocking, is its in the USA. The last bastion of classical civilization and real human rights left on the third planet from the Sun.

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