An important article from Klein Verzet

Today on the Dutch blog Klein Verzet there is an important article about how the Dutch Government for reasons both of fear of Islam and political machinations to try and discredit Geert Wilders, a fast rising political star in Holland, are submitting to demands by Muslim groups that are indisputably of a terrorist nature.

That is to say, Islamic groups are threatening overt violent acts should the Dutch Government allow Geert to release his film critical of the Koran.

The English in the article is a tad rough as its written by Dutch people in English but I ask you to forgive the odd grammatical error and read the above link.

Some highlights:

the secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has issued threats (NL) to Dutch foreign minister Verhagen. If the Dutch government does allow Geert Wilders to releases his Islam critical film Fitna, serious repercussions will follow.


(there is) a Green party initiatives to protect the Islamic faith against criticism.

Amazing. To think Europe which suffered over 700 years of irrational religious authority by the Catholic Church would rush to create new laws to protect a far more dangerous and violent theology from open criticism. Its like no one in Europe has studied any of its own history.

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