Celebrating the slaughter of children

I think this video shows more about the difference in values between Islam and in particular in Gaza and the West Bank and, well frankly, anyone else in the world. These people are celebrating en mas the surprise slaughter of religious school children in Israel. Stopping cars at traffic lights and offering sweets through the window. Jubilation in the streets. Not for a great military victory, but for a man with a rifle killing as many school children as he could before he was shot by an armed bystander.

It doesn’t matter what side your on for this to be meaningful. Maybe you hate Israel. Maybe you think the Palestinians got a raw deal. (They did actually but not from the Israeli’s FYI) but a culture that shows jubilation, raw unmitigated joy and celebration at the slaughter of children is at its core wrong. There was no such joy at the shooting of the Nazi youth at the end of the second world war when those same children where actually shooting at our soldiers defending the 1 block of rubble that was all that was left of Berlin at the time. We mourned a culture that would sacrifice its children in such a meaningless fashion.

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