Sometimes its funny and then sometimes its…

Apparently Canadian men have a basic human right to a labiaplasty.

For those that don’t know, a labiaplasty is an elective plastic surgery for people who have vagina’s to make them more attractive looking. I have no idea if this right extends to women but for sure Canadian men have a god given, (for god we will substitute a Trudopian Government) right to have their vagina lips look just right.

Of course this is just one in many human rights commission’s outrage cases. And yet somehow they manage to have a 100% conviction rate against, well whoever anyone complains about.

For more on the Canadian Human rights tribunal and how they destroy good people and basic rights in Canada please visit

Sorry, no graphic to go along with this article, tempting as it was.

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  1. Did you know that gynecologists have a big biz in the US (maybe Canada too?) in rebuilding hymens? Young Muslim women who have strayed from the tenets of Islam, thereby increasing their likelihood of death, can run into the clinic on their lunch hour and get a new one.

    Google “rebuild hymen” or some similar search string. It’s not cheap surgery, but better than dying.

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