Chavez is crazy

Once again Hugo has outdone himself. He went on his ‘weekly TV show’ (as it used to be, he would hijack various TV stations sometimes for whole weekends and sing songs with his wife and tell stories of his childhood) and said
“Mr. Defense Minister, move me 10 battalions to the frontier with Colombia immediately, tank battalions,” Chavez said on his weekly TV show.

Usually a commander in chief tells his military directly I would have thought or some kind of Chanel more suitable than just telling them on TV. Well I guess it is a TV Chanel.

This at least gives me a chance to say a few words about Hugo. Many in the west especially the US and Canada tend to write him off as a tin pot dictator. an almost comedic figure. Well OK I cant argue with the comedy factor funny is funny especially when it isn’t meant to be but I think that’s unwise. I have predicted for a while that Hizbolah will retaliate for the death of their asset in Syria with a soft Jewish target probably in Venezuela. Given that their new head of operations is the former head of Latin America and that Chavez is the new best friend of Iran its not much of a stretch.

In any case Chavez is to be watched. His posturing and threats are those of a coward. Cowards are the ones most likely to take action and against those he can effect. In this case its likely to be the people of Venezuela. Since he took office basic food stuffs are no longer available while champagne and caviar are well stocked. There is little of reason in his actions and his methods are classic road to serfdom with predictable results.

Detracting from the plight he has caused at home will make it that much more attractive for him to engage in a war with his neighbors which is both unnecessary and will have tragic results.

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