Free Speech rally in Ottawa!

Ok guys this is it. People in Ottawa, Canadians no less, well probably less are planning to rally in Ottawa to protect their right of free speech on Parliament hill April 12 2008. You know the right I mean? The one Canadians think they have from watching American TV?

Canada in fact not only has no right of free speech but we are in effect specifically denied one by the wording of our mockstitution. It says something to the effect of ‘Canadians are granted the right of freedom of expression notwithstanding whats in the interest of a free and democratic society.

So far the way this is practiced is much like sexual harassment. Essentially it means you can say anything you like unless it bothers someone in some way, and then its illegal but you cant know till after you say it that it is. I think many guys will know how it feels to ask a girl out for a drink and she says yes then yeay but if she says no you go home and wait for the police.

None of this should be construed as not endorsing this rally. It means this rally is more important than most of the participants are even likely aware. Ill be there with bells on. Well not so much bells as this T shirt mohamed-t-shirt.jpg available from the fine folks at Metrospy where this priceless article can be bought for under four bucks. On the back I have customized it a bit with instructions on what to do with my corpse when they find it on the street with a knife in it and how to deal with the $15.00 or so I will have left in my estate.

Anyway I very much hope this rally is a massive success. Given that we have arguably the most sensible government that Canada has had now for many a long cold year, there is a chance that organizations like the Human rights commission will be relegated to the Orwellian abyss from which it came. By way of warning, the link in the words ‘Human rights commission actually take you to Ezra Levants blog who is actually a victim of it. You will get a much better idea of how it works from there.

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