Holland is screwed

Soon they will be playing hockey and drinking crappy beer. Look at what the Dutch government’s reaction is to Geert Wilder’s new film is. While you are there, spend some time on that blog. Its an excellent if somewhat disturbing read for the true liberal.

For those of you that don’t know, Geert is a Dutch politician who has the temerity to suggest that Islam and Dutch values may not be in perfect harmony. I have no idea why he would say that given that anyone who does is immediately put on the endangered species list along with Citroen’s and Renault’s. I suppose the up side is that European Muslims are petitioning the International Olympic committee to have car burning listed as a new event.

I look forward to his new movie with great anticipation. The idea is, that Koran tends to advocate everything which the Dutch have stood against since at least ww2. This apparently has offended Muslims to the point of threatening the usual slew of murders burnings and riots. Atta way to prove em wrong boys!

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