Agenda and views of this site

This statement may be updated from time to time as circumstances change. But the principles will not.

There are a few things that need to be made clear from the outset. Things which I and others here have stated repeatedly but can get lost as articles vanish down the blog and into the past. However some of these ideas are the template around which other posts are made and therefore it is important that this site and its articles are viewed with these principles in mind. If nothing else, it can solidify either your support for, or your contempt of this blog and its authors but at least it will be for what we actually stand for and believe as opposed to what others may imagine and impugn it to be.

The first thing I feel needs clarification is our attitude towards Islam. I need to be as clear about this as humanly possible.

Islam is a religious political and cultural system. Its no more deserving of protection than that of Nazism or Communism with which, by the way, it shares a great deal. Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of it is not racist.

No more than pointing out that the hate Islam preaches and the hateful actions taken in the name of Islam are themselves hate speech. It is merely stating the facts as even the Muslim aggressors state them.

The media in Canada, including some radio stations which typically are not of politically correct views, have become so careful in the manner in which they report actual news that it has become understood that if a crime is committed by a black person, the listener will infer it as no description is given of a suspect at large other than gender. If the person is Islamic the listener will infer it as no name is given of a suspect or a person who has been arrested for the crime. In my opinion this does more harm to group relations than if all groups are treated equally. A seething contempt is the usual result of treating a group as if it’s special before the law.

Let me put this more simply. The media has become so afraid of charges from both governments and various activist groups, mostly Islamic ones that they no longer even report actual news.

One of the reasons I decided to go forth with this blog is a fear I have had for a very long time. The fact that since Multiculturalism as an idea was advanced into actual policy, political correctness of the type I list above will result in a newly revived extreme and irrational right wing movement which will gain popular support as governments drift farther and farther from representing the peoples of western nations, their values, and their views. Of course this will be, as historically it always is, a case of the cure bieng worse than the disease.

Recently as I write this, Mark Steyn and many other journalists bloggers and free people of the western world find themselves in legal trouble for merely reporting what Muslims say about their own faith and agendas and reporting the actions of Muslims around the world as part of the ideology and teachings of Islam. This seems to indicate that the greater crime is actually pointing out the hateful actions of others more so than the actions themselves.

Governments probably accidentally but even so, have now created a system where the process is the punishment. That is to say, while in for example Canada, we still have a kind of freedom of speech, if you publish something that any given group dislikes, (of course this has to be an in fashion group or perceived to be victims) then they are subjected to a process which is punitively expensive and time consuming and likely will destroy you financially or with the ‘scarlet letter’ of racism etc. I refer you to the various Human Rights Commissions of Canada and its provinces as one excellent example.

I would call this a recipe for cultural suicide.

So to be clear, I am using a freedom not granted to me in law, but I take as a natural right to defend myself my values my culture and the history of my people, my cultural heritage as a native born in a western land for classical education, reason, logic open debate and reasoned discourse on the nature of people; religion; and culture and mostly the relationship between Government and its citizens. This brings me to my second issue for this blog.

Irrational Leftism and its offspring, political correctness and moral and cultural relativism.

The greater threat to Classical civilisation is that of irrational leftism. Moral relativism, a subset of modern leftism is a kind of intellectual slight of hand which makes it seem very clever to equate terrorism for example, with military actions designed to achieve the greatest military objectives with the least damage and death possible.

I would like to borrow a rhetorical device from Sam Harris author of End of Faith which deals with this well:

‘Imagine you have the perfect weapon. One which would do exactly as little or as much damage as you would want it to. One which could isolate a single person or building or take out an entire city or nation by whichever means you choose. Now give that weapon to a Muslim leader or Islamic state, The United States, Israel, anyone you can think of and ask yourself honestly, how would these weapons be used?’

This is merely one example and I have attached an essay here which I think explains this issue very well. I would invite all to download it and read it as it may be the best thing written on this issue despite its rough translation from Dutch to English. It is a speech given at the memorial for a murdered Dutch Politician named ‘Pim Fortyne’

Also, The article by Fjordman about the anti democratic EU is a must read for a clear understanding of the agenda of the politically correct.


Oct. 29 2008

I add this as I am attempting to explain if not resolve an ethical dilemma.

There are many posts here I have taken from news sites and often other blogs. It seems as if the courteous thing to do is to use a paragraph or two and a link to the source page. While I do this at times I more typically copy the entire post to vladtepesblog with a link back to the original place as prominently as I can and often with a clear sentence stating where its from. The reason I have chosen to do this, is that the concerns I raise on this blog are real. Articles disappear because of pressure from leftist or Islamic groups. Videos frequently vanish so I try and have them stream from here often instead of merely embed the code. We saw what happened to Fitna and vladtepesblog was one of very few blogs that still had it available for quite some time.

In essence, in no way am i trying to remove anything from the original authors when its not from one of Vlad’s original people. I merely wish to make sure that there is at least an alternate site where things can be seen heard and read in order to make it that little bit more difficult for enemies of free speech

Thank you for reading this and visiting our blog. I hope this explains our position well.

I may edit this from time to time for greater lucidity of the principles involved but not the premise.


Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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  1. Hi Vlad
    Stephen Hicks Explaining Postmodernism in 2018. Step by step guide very platatable
    You might know about it already On YT but hey!
    Love your work

  2. Hi, I am working for as translator into Russian. We publish a lot of translated material.
    I appreciate your work very much and I am interested to join your team to translate your material for the Russian audience.

  3. Hi Vlad
    You asked me to contact you via your website when I expressed interest in the film “Oh Canada” being shown here in Vancouver. I was thinking of booking a facility at the Vancouver Public Library. The Kitsilano Meeting Room seats 50 people. If it (or another venue) is available, what would be the timeframe?
    I have met a number of like-minded people going to protests against Trudeau (M103) since last April and I believer the Soldiers of Oden would be amenable to offering security. Whether it is possible to book a space is another question. I could reach out to some people more experienced in these matters than I am.
    I think it would be so great!

        • Hi Sam.

          These Crosses are partly hand finished. So there is a limit to how fast they can be made. Thanks to the excellent IW segment on them, for the first time there are more orders than items. But we are catching up now and everyone who ordered one should get it within a month. I believe yours should get to you by the end of the first week of February if not sooner. Please let me know when you get it, and certainly if you do not by the end of Feb?

          I thank you for your patience, and ask you for your understanding for a little while.

  4. I was made aware of this site because Breitbart featured a video of yours. You translated a short news report from TV channel Sat1 from German to English and added the result as subtitles. I have a silly question: What does your tagline mean? What are “objects in history”? Your twitter account as an altered line with “events in history.” I assume it means to say that a clash between the West and Islam is about to come. The “quote” is from a fictional character that I’m not very familiar with. Your user name Vlad Tepes speaks for the nature of event that you see coming. Is that correct? You make a lot of cultural references which speaks of an intellectual high IQ individual, possibly a techie.

    • The “events in history” line is meant to mock in part, a standard car rear view mirror, which usually says that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

      My point was that events in history, which when I read about them in the 70s, 80s and 90s seemed fantastically far away in time, but as I came to understand Islam and communism better and better, realized these events are much closer to us than they seemed or felt. That they still impact us, and will continue to do so.

      For example, the attacks on 911, were almost certainly set for that date as a reminder of the loss by Muslims at the Gates of Vienna, where King Sobieski the III rode up and saved Austria, and thereby Europe from islamic invasion. The 911 attacks seemed to be a “We’re back” message to the West.

      The character was a nick I used to use in chat rooms many years ago before I started this site. Its not important.

      Vlad Tepes was a European hero who protected his people from Islamic invasion for many years. A British novelist warped him into a monster for story telling’s sake, but the truth of the story is an important one. Vlad Tepes, Dracula, had a visceral understanding of Islam, having been a Janissary of sorts for some years before returning to Romania to take his throne and protect his people, from those same Muslims who had him prisoner of sorts.

      His legacy is of a deep penetrating understanding of how to stop an Islamic invasion, also in a visceral sense.

      His real legacy, not Brahm Stoker’s fantasies. In Romania, he is regarded as a national hero, and rightly so.

      • The only ay to stop Muslims invasion is to impale some of them at the border.
        The same way to stop any foreign invasion.
        Vlad Tepes knew best.

      • Vlad Tepes a Magyarországot -Hungary elözönlö törökök ellen lépett fel Hunyadi Jánossal Erdélyben.
        A sok rossz amit irtak annyi hogy karóba huzta azokat akik árulást követtek el.
        Én google forditóval olvasom neked is segit majd.

    • The tagline is a play on what is or was written on car rear view mirrors for some time. They used to say,

      “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. Which always struck me as a very dangerous way to make a rear view mirror since the whole point is aiding spatial relations to traffic.

      My tagline suggests that people imagine historical events to be more distant and less threatening than they actually are. And that the things they read about, wars, genocides, authoritarian dictatorships, are much closer than they appear to be when they are explained to us.

      In essence, yes. It is a warning that these events loom large in the future and maybe if we pay close attention, we can stop or mitigate them.

      Thanks for asking.

      Yes we have been translating and subtitling clips for about 14 years now hoping that North Americans will appreciate what we think is tomorrow’s newspaper today. What happens in Europe is usually a prequel.

      Please also see and

  5. Hello Vlad,,
    I have some important Documents: a “Notice of Guidance” served on the Attorney General [whole office – 07 Dec 2018] together with [its] Appendment … an Advice delivered up to the Office of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner in October last. I would like you to have a copy nd if you are able to make use of, then so do. Please provide an Email via the address linked to this post. And I will get the documentation to you asap.
    Thank You.

  6. I find your Blog very informative. Would be very happy to get involved. I my have some work that you may find interesting.
    Drop me a line to connect.


  7. My view, long held, is that we need to have a separation from the islamic world. As a start one needs to take them at their own words and agree wholeheartedly that there is indeed a dar ul islam and a dar ul harb, and for the good of humanity, infidels and muslims alike, it is better to live apart in respective dars.

    It is a sad fact that muslim presence anywhere leads to discomfort of other already established communities. Soon the established community will leave or forced out by Jihad by mob violence, and yet another region becomes dar ul islam.

    Muslim nations, left to their own devices, unable to export their excess population, an ever deteriorating infrastructure, increasing poverty and diminishing military power, will have no alternative but to reform islam. And even if they do not, they will not be a menace to the safety and security of the rest of the world, for the simple reason that they will not have access to harvest infidel lives.

    Harsh as this is, it is the most humane way to progress. What frightens me is that we are moving towards a new world war that is quite unlike previous world wars. This world war will be a civil war ie a global civil war – the very worst type imaginable. Else we are looking forward to a Three Conjecture scenario leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale.

    Separation leaves hope for the future for everybody. Islam will collapse quite quickly in historic terms if it is unable to expand (that is after all its main reason), and thus release the 1 billion souls in its enslavement.

    • My view, long held, is that we need to have a separation from the islamic world. As a start one needs to take them at their own words and agree wholeheartedly that there is indeed a dar ul islam and a dar ul harb, and for the good of humanity, infidels and muslims alike, it is better to live apart in respective dars._____________ I can’t say it better. They have to be sent back.

  8. I have a question re reports of Orthodox Jewish chaps causing friction on US domestic flights objecting to being assigned a seat next to a female. I am curious as to if these upsets are considered a negative to the Jewish faith/ message? Just asking? And do not want to cause a hornet nest of opinions.

    • Do you have any links to these incidents? Personally I think anyone who doesn’t like how an airline works in terms of fairness for all, should walk or start there own airline. But even if true, the proportion of Jewish people, religious or not, who make waves about seating is likely to be a small fraction of 1% of all Jewish people. Would be like equating the Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsche) with Christianity.

        • I haven’t read all the links yet but I scanned the first two.

          I see it this way.

          The author is totally wrong. This has nothing to do with who arouses who and where the responsibility lies.

          This has to do with the reality of air travel and if it causes someone to breach their religious laws, then don’t fly. Get there some other way or book a private flight.

          I object to Jews as much as to muslims if they try and force their observance on ANYONE else but themselves. If Jews want to live in a non-Orthodox area, then they should find ways to observe their own traditions and laws to the best of their ability without expecting any concessions from anyone else whatsoever.

          My big objection to Islam is that it is central doctrine that they impose their laws on all people and establish muslims as rules full stop. It isn’t because its called, “Islam” or because some of them are brown. Its because as a practice and for that matter, a belief system it sucks and is an overwhelming threat to anything and everything good in Mankind.

          The problem with islam is:

          The behaviour of observant muslims
          The history of Islam when it is following its doctrines.
          Islamic scripture and laws.

          Judaism may or may not have doctrinal issues which are problematic to a healthy secular society. But overall they don’t bother anyone with them who isn’t Jewish, and when they do, yeah stop them.

          Go to the El Al terminal at JFK and when a Hassid asks you to wear the leather and metal kit, say you aren’t Jewish and watch them melt away into the background. That seems a lot better than Islam, Jehovah’s witnesses, Hare Krishnas or any other strong religious group.

          So from what I read the articles avoid the point. So long as no one is forcing these Hassids to fly, they have no right to tell anyone else what to do whatsoever.

          • Spot On!
            BTW VT
            Are my personal opinions a problem? I ask as I have the social tact of a blind elephant and it is not improving which means that I annoy almost everyone eventually.

            If so, then let me know, and please delete this post anyway. I
            Your site, along with Winds of Jihad is one of the lighthouses of the west that illuminate the reefs & shoals of the oncoming darkness. Thank you for maintaining it.

  9. I’ve read/liked your blog for 10 or 15 years, recently followed you on Twitter, and was surprised to be blocked, perhaps because I follow people there from entire political spectrums–the problem of Islam is recognized by some of all such people, so I like to see what they have to say. Would it be possible to get unblocked? I’d share your statements on the topic also, only with commentary in agreement…

    • I don’t understand why you would be. I generally only block people who attack me in a way which tempts ad-hominem response because Twitter is extremely consistent that leftists may insult, DOXX or any other tactic but nothing like any of that will be tolerated from non leftists. Tell me what your twitter handle is and I will check but generally a person has to unfairly attack me as opposed to the idea before I block them. This could be more Twitter games for all I know.

      • Thank you; my Twitter handle is username (before ‘@’) of my new email entered.

        I’ve always criticized Islam; opened mind to Western cultural conservatism (CC) almost 10 years ago (yet follow on-line/-Twitter accounts concerned with workers’ lives/rights/wages/necessities/etc.) Last year I followed main Twitter ex-Muslims but recently CC on wider views (Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer & Jamie Glazov, UK PM.) Following/retweeting leftists/liberals–more if rare anti-Islamists–doesn’t mean I hold their other views nor can’t change mind: I have critical disagreements with most liberals/leftists (except some classical liberals holding Platonist-to-Orthodox-to-Humanist principle to help workers/poor, and help them help themselves)… as said 10+ years ago, Europeans aware of truth who used to be Socialist/Labour/Communist started voting in parties critical of Islam.

        Hope I didn’t exceed maximum post size (maybe last time? This is shortened but I could clarify; ) needed to state how I’m still changing since you viewed my profile. Whether you’d feel okay unblocking me, thanks for replying and keep up your good work!

        • Ok I looked and found your profile but it doesn’t say you are blocked but I cannot find where the blocked list is, if there is one. I don’t like Twitter much. Hard to navigate I find. BUT, i notice you have no tweets. There is no way to tell what you are etc. I have had journalists blindside me before in order to DOXX and do attack pieces on my and my work. So you must forgive me if I am cautious about followers who I cannot make any determination as to who they are or what they believe and think. Friends of mine have been profoundly damaged by dishonest keyboard warriors who did hit pieces on them, and mostly fabricated ones at that, based on fragments of out of context tweets from them.

          So Im a little reluctant to put more work into unblocking you unless I can see who else you follow or what you may have said.

          Please look at this as a sign of the times more than an imputation of either of our characters. We are in a new cold war and Samizdat is the order of the day. I like this less than you do I promise. The Western world I grew up in had the unspoken but well understood mantra of: “I disagree with what you say sir, but I will defend with my life your right to say it”.

          Leftists and Muslims have changed the game. Its now “Say anything that goes against our new order, and we shall destroy you in one or more ways”.

  10. Well my first comment had old email; my newer comments have new email: could you recheck? (my old starts with my initial; my new added full given/first name.) My first username became used by others (also on Twitter; they got deleted.) I should’ve entered my new email first but was deciding to blank avatar… my real name & face *are* visible on Twitter w/over 400 tweets. I could enter my website (or Twitter URL) in box for that below (but many blogs block comments w/links… homesite linked on Twitter) where you could see I’m a Renaissance man: too many interests & no time to be keyboard-warrior/journallist; flamewars are usually too stressful, especially risking alienating people I agree on utmost important issues such as building international movement (with convincing Muslims to quit Islam) to save European/Western civilizations and all peaceful ones.

    I grew up Western when mantra you describe was a norm, so I hate what’s making it less popular: unrestrained multiculturalism & left-identitarianism & political correctness (PC.) I ignore the left on those rather than workers’ rights, and (as earlier paraphrasing Geert Wilders: knowledgeable leftists are switching to his and Islam-critical parties) I increasingly follow such European new thought I call ‘cultural conservative (CC) liberal/left’ (falsely smeared ‘far-right,’ except they typically don’t increase homelessness, don’t attack unions, don’t cut programs/healthcare for ‘Westerners,’ and one such top thinker, British counter-jihad hero Tommy Robinson, is libertarian-centre on political compass but some such as I consider him still leftist because he’s working-class and cares.) I admit this year I retweeted some far-left tweets *only* on opposing Islamic occupation, or on workers’ rights if their profile cover picture said they want a non-Islamic republic, or interesting cases ultraconservative USA and leftist Southern countries are interacting more (perhaps enabling new ‘Perestroika’ & ‘Glasnost?’) I’m 100% sure I significantly disagree with over 98% people I follow; just they have many other topics!

    Actually (other than private general philosophy/science/metaphysics discussion areas) now I mostly only informally-debate/argue at Islam-tolerators such as non-classical liberals/leftists, even too-tolerant ex-Muslims. Since my shift, I discussed/argued with many liberals/leftists, also publicly on a website, their 1700s-to-1910s founders would be ‘rolling in their graves’ seeing switch from human rights & anti-Nazism to anti-rights/Islamophilia & anti-Israelism (regressive ‘Nazi’ left.) Last month when two ex-Muslims on Twitter defended Muslims in India, I publicly replied Spain’s Reconquista was after almost 800 years; Greek War of Independence was after almost 400; India hasn’t even had 100; tens of millions there still recall takeover/partition so deserve their lands back (Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh.)

    I admit I’m no longer Orthodox (nor Essene/Gnostic Christian, just neoplatonist) but don’t mind if you are or if you criticize any viewpoints on Twitter (as I do on my own timeline; ) I have zero reason to target private individuals in such public dialogue unless they first bring argument to private discussion areas and go against netiquette… especially since ancient European culture is no longer threatened by modern Judeo-Christian religions which dropped harsher theocracy/colonialism and became democratic (and churches you may like increased humanitarian/educational work.) Islam didn’t. For many years I’m even a huge fan of historical Vlad Tepes as a European defender, regardless of his Orthodoxy/Catholicism, the smarter (Platonism-Aristotleanism-influenced) Christianity anyway. A recent interesting CC ‘meme’ image I saw was an ancient European warrior next to crusader knight with text like: stop engaging in intra-European/-Western civilization conflict because that enables its attackers to win; unite!

    My most recent tweet was about: I stand with Greece (searchable phrase referring to current Eastern/jihad invasion.) I’m unsure there’s a ‘blocked’ list; you may have to search handle or use a handle URL, but if you can find my correct account, it’ll say I’m blocked w/tweets hidden so ask if you truly want to view those before deciding whether to unblock later. Thanks for still replying/considering (and on working through Twitter difficulties) and keep up the good work!

  11. Hello! I have been following your page for years. I really enjoy the photography at the top of each page. I am searching for one I enjoyed in particular and I was wondering if you could help. It was looking for the photo of a little girl in a dock and a big dog. Please help!

  12. Hi Vlad

    I cant find the link where all the foundational contributions tp engineering, physics and maths were outlined? Please help

  13. Hello Vlad.

    Something would appear to be afoot: the Twitter accounts of Ben Shapiro, Maxime Bernier, Poilièvre, Ezra Levant and Laurence Fox are no longer available. Mebbe it’s just my computer. . . But I doubt it.


    • I just checked and Maxime, Ben and Ezra are all there and all functioning. Could Twitter be blocking you from seeing them for some reason? But I have no problem accessing their time lines, and they seem to have been active in the last hours.

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