Agenda and views of this site

This statement may be updated from time to time as circumstances change. But the principles will not.

There are a few things that need to be made clear from the outset. Things which I and others here have stated repeatedly but can get lost as articles vanish down the blog and into the past. However some of these ideas are the template around which other posts are made and therefore it is important that this site and its articles are viewed with these principles in mind. If nothing else, it can solidify either your support for, or your contempt of this blog and its authors but at least it will be for what we actually stand for and believe as opposed to what others may imagine and impugn it to be.

The first thing I feel needs clarification is our attitude towards Islam. I need to be as clear about this as humanly possible.

Islam is a religious political and cultural system. Its no more deserving of protection than that of Nazism or Communism with which, by the way, it shares a great deal. Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of it is not racist.

No more than pointing out that the hate Islam preaches and the hateful actions taken in the name of Islam are themselves hate speech. It is merely stating the facts as even the Muslim aggressors state them.

The media in Canada, including some radio stations which typically are not of politically correct views, have become so careful in the manner in which they report actual news that it has become understood that if a crime is committed by a black person, the listener will infer it as no description is given of a suspect at large other than gender. If the person is Islamic the listener will infer it as no name is given of a suspect or a person who has been arrested for the crime. In my opinion this does more harm to group relations than if all groups are treated equally. A seething contempt is the usual result of treating a group as if it’s special before the law.

Let me put this more simply. The media has become so afraid of charges from both governments and various activist groups, mostly Islamic ones that they no longer even report actual news.

One of the reasons I decided to go forth with this blog is a fear I have had for a very long time. The fact that since Multiculturalism as an idea was advanced into actual policy, political correctness of the type I list above will result in a newly revived extreme and irrational right wing movement which will gain popular support as governments drift farther and farther from representing the peoples of western nations, their values, and their views. Of course this will be, as historically it always is, a case of the cure bieng worse than the disease.

Recently as I write this, Mark Steyn and many other journalists bloggers and free people of the western world find themselves in legal trouble for merely reporting what Muslims say about their own faith and agendas and reporting the actions of Muslims around the world as part of the ideology and teachings of Islam. This seems to indicate that the greater crime is actually pointing out the hateful actions of others more so than the actions themselves.

Governments probably accidentally but even so, have now created a system where the process is the punishment. That is to say, while in for example Canada, we still have a kind of freedom of speech, if you publish something that any given group dislikes, (of course this has to be an in fashion group or perceived to be victims) then they are subjected to a process which is punitively expensive and time consuming and likely will destroy you financially or with the ‘scarlet letter’ of racism etc. I refer you to the various Human Rights Commissions of Canada and its provinces as one excellent example.

I would call this a recipe for cultural suicide.

So to be clear, I am using a freedom not granted to me in law, but I take as a natural right to defend myself my values my culture and the history of my people, my cultural heritage as a native born in a western land for classical education, reason, logic open debate and reasoned discourse on the nature of people; religion; and culture and mostly the relationship between Government and its citizens. This brings me to my second issue for this blog.

Irrational Leftism and its offspring, political correctness and moral and cultural relativism.

The greater threat to Classical civilisation is that of irrational leftism. Moral relativism, a subset of modern leftism is a kind of intellectual slight of hand which makes it seem very clever to equate terrorism for example, with military actions designed to achieve the greatest military objectives with the least damage and death possible.

I would like to borrow a rhetorical device from Sam Harris author of End of Faith which deals with this well:

‘Imagine you have the perfect weapon. One which would do exactly as little or as much damage as you would want it to. One which could isolate a single person or building or take out an entire city or nation by whichever means you choose. Now give that weapon to a Muslim leader or Islamic state, The United States, Israel, anyone you can think of and ask yourself honestly, how would these weapons be used?’

This is merely one example and I have attached an essay here which I think explains this issue very well. I would invite all to download it and read it as it may be the best thing written on this issue despite its rough translation from Dutch to English. It is a speech given at the memorial for a murdered Dutch Politician named ‘Pim Fortyne’

Also, The article by Fjordman about the anti democratic EU is a must read for a clear understanding of the agenda of the politically correct.


Oct. 29 2008

I add this as I am attempting to explain if not resolve an ethical dilemma.

There are many posts here I have taken from news sites and often other blogs. It seems as if the courteous thing to do is to use a paragraph or two and a link to the source page. While I do this at times I more typically copy the entire post to vladtepesblog with a link back to the original place as prominently as I can and often with a clear sentence stating where its from. The reason I have chosen to do this, is that the concerns I raise on this blog are real. Articles disappear because of pressure from leftist or Islamic groups. Videos frequently vanish so I try and have them stream from here often instead of merely embed the code. We saw what happened to Fitna and vladtepesblog was one of very few blogs that still had it available for quite some time.

In essence, in no way am i trying to remove anything from the original authors when its not from one of Vlad’s original people. I merely wish to make sure that there is at least an alternate site where things can be seen heard and read in order to make it that little bit more difficult for enemies of free speech

Thank you for reading this and visiting our blog. I hope this explains our position well.

I may edit this from time to time for greater lucidity of the principles involved but not the premise.


Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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    • I own two long time businesses, have never accepted a dime of free money from the government, and did very well in school. Now it is time for you to SYFM and STFU.

      • This kind of talk is ridiculous. Perhaps you should quiet down. Your opinion of the world is your own. Others have other opinions. Once an opinion is rejected there is nothing else to be said. Even war will not change that fundamental rejection.

        You prove yourself a fool by assuming that you will be listened to.

        • Wait who gets to reject ideas and end their potential? That seems a little arbitrary and perhaps totalitarian to me. What template is used to be the ultimate dismisser of someone’s ideas?

          The one I like is logic and reason itself. Something both speaker and listener must be subject to. if an idea is dismissed then it should be dismissed on the basis that it does not stand to reason. But if it does, the dismissal means nothing.

            • Please try changing servers on your VPN, or try turning off your VPN or accessing it on a mobile device.

              Sometimes malicious actors use a certain VPN server which causes it to get blacklisted for a time. This might have been what happened. But I cannot say for sure. Definitly try changing servers though, or turning it off.

    • Quite interesting how some people think visitors and contributors to this site are all on the dole and blame others for their failings.

      I’ve worked in three countries, am professionally qualified and earn substantially more than the average wage in most EU states. Aside from six months when I was 17 I have never claimed any benefits of any kind – I believe the 20 years of paying high band taxes and bringing millions in investments to my country make up for the pre-minimum wage income support I received.

      I wonder what the troll who posted this earns and contributes?

  1. We live in 2012 and seems to me that we have the discernment of the medieval people.If I see a black man hes sure a black man for me and I can say that to him because thats how I make the difference between him and a white or yellow guy.If I see a fat guy I will do the same.If I will see a beautiful one I will do the same.If I will se a bald guy I will do the same.If I see a gay man I will do the same.Cut the sh*t with all this sensitivities.We are different,all of us.Is no need for religion or racism sh*t or some fu*king rules to point that to us.And dear Bob,Vlad Tepes wanst more cruel than the western countries which by the way were burning people alive participating whole comunities with kids and sh*t.Stop be so easy to maneuver about religion,history and sh*t.the nazism was a plague and jews the angelic victims,the communism is a plague and the american system a good democracy,the islam is a plague and christianity the right path,tommorow maybe I will be a plague because today I dare to say that the hiroshima and nagasaky still waits to trial the american leaders for justice.we all have brains,lets use’m tryin to be happy not mad as all this media sh*t.lets drink somethin.

    • to florin …For god’s or gods’ sake learn some REAL history before you rant here and a fine example is Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Those two nukes saved up to 18 million lives, mostly Japanese and certainly up to 1 million allies(the EXPECTED allied casualties from the invasion of japan ..NOT its actual conquest). Please try to distinguish between opinion (yours) and factas IMHO that defines both a muslim and a leftist.

  2. I hope you guys realize that you are mirror images of extremist Islamists.

    I suggest the rational world find a nice sand box for your ‘clash of civilizations’ where you can kill each other to the last man, who then should be brought before the ICC and charged with genocide.

    Get a bloody life.

  3. @Dave Blumenthal

    We are not mirror images of Islamic extremists. We do not persecute Jews, nor do we believe in killing innocent people. I agree that some comments are a bit too aggressive sometimes, but it is little more than people letting off steam due to frustration.
    The truth is Dave, that Islamic terrorism has been ignored for too long.As for your comment about ‘clash of civilisations’, this is not some war between ‘us’ and the hardline Muslims. This war affects people like you too. The Islamists are against everyone, be they Jew, Christian or Atheist, and unless, Dave you are also a Muslim – that unfortunately includes you too, whether you like it or not!

  4. Hey man, I’m a muslim and I just came across your website and it is awesome. I mean how in the world do you guys think up this stuff. I haven’t had such a good laugh in a REALLY long time, I’m definitely going to use your material in my jokes, it’s hilarious.

    You could be the next big fiction writer if you keep this up.

    Well done and keep the jokes coming.

  5. MTB_Rider 9.22am

    Perhaps you would like to use this material in your hilarious jokes. It is not fiction. Non-moslems could not make up something as horrendous as the torturing and raping to death of a 5-year old little girl. Only an evil Saudi preacher could kill his daughter in such an obscene way.

    • creatures such as MTB_Rider and Jeff are the root cause of most of the world’s problems but no chance of them realizing their role as pawns.

  6. Islam, Christianity and all those other religions are just “fairy tails”.
    Islam is one pervasive religion that has caused disruption in Middle East, West Asia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Britian, killed our country men and women. They (islamists) lie, bomb, marry 7 year olds girls.
    I spent time in Togo Africa and got lied to by learned Muslims that said they were christians and I only found out by walking into the computer room in Lome at 1200hrs Friday and there they were with all the computers linked in Mecca and on the bloody floor praying. I was then banned to ever go to that computer again. I normally forgive people but not for that time.
    note…. I’m agnostic

  7. GREAT BLOG !!! as for islam…

    Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    and some snappy infographics, great for emailing…

  8. To me, it comes down to this: Over 1000s of years we’ve gone from having many 1000s of Gods to a few hundred. What happened to the others? The civilisations died out and/or we realised there were no such Gods after all. In the major players, we have jesus (god) Islam and the Hindus etc. Who is right? Do we believe there are 27 or so virgins up there with Allah waiting for us when we spill that first drop of jihad blood? Of course there isn’t. What if we are female jihadists? Why virgins? Why not eternal peace? Because virgins is what male Muslims crave and so it is written. Why the fairy tails and can’t these people read between the lines? Jesus rose from the dead – did he? But we need to believe that to truly accept Christianity. To me, Islam keeps its believers in the stone age, by having both religious and cultural laws set in stone age thinking. Laws that really don’t allow their adherents to advance mentally, socially, and scientifically and then those believers blame their stone age predicament on the West. The west uses the middle east, the west is the cause of the middle easts problems, the west is the reason the middle east is back in the stone age blah blah blah. Not true however. These people keep themselves there by not allowing the education of their women, their girls and their boys etc and by not allowing the independent thinking of their citizens – those who do are murdered / shot / or hacked to death. Nice, peaceful. They are backward because outside and independent thinking is disallowed. Or at least, that’s what I believe and witness. If your children have their heads in the Koran 12 hours a day and not in a text book, it is obvious what their WILL learn and WON’T learn. Then preach to them 24/7 that the reason they are left behind is due to the WEST moving so far ahead and of course they’ll believe it. Crack the nut that is stone age thinking and religion and free the people I say – but it’s so ingrained in their societies, it’ll take generations to remove even if they started today. What I really want to ask Muslims is that if Islam is so damn peaceful, why are all the different offshoots of Islam murdering each other in the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world? Why are you bringing all this crap out to our countries? Why not just stay home and reap what you’ve sowed?!

  9. As a Christian, I strongly disagree with people who dredge up atrocities committed by Christian groups 300 or more years ago and those of modern-day Muslims. While there are isolated fanatics who still commit violence in Christ’s name, not one mainstream sect of Christianity supports such abominations. On the other hand, I can easily find examples of Muslim preachers advocating murder, oppression, and even genocide every week.

    When comparing Christianity and Islam, I think of two quotes, one from each faith’s holy book:

    1 Thessalonians 5:21 – But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good…

    (Christianity asks its followers to assess and consider whether what they’re told is really true and good.)

    Qu’ran 33:57 – Those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained.

    (The Qu’ran directs Muslims to attack those who “malign” Islam, a term that many contemporary Muslims interpret as saying anything disagreeable about their faith.)

  10. One of the best counter Jihad blogs and sources of news. Thank you for all your efforts. I’ll donate by paypal. I admin an EDL page. More often or not we post the same kind of stuff, though I try to focus on local stories rather than national where poss. I don’t know which country your in but we need more people with your focus in UK.

  11. If you invite to manny communists into your country they will try and overthrow democracy , same with Islam. They come here to change us ,not to intergrate ,they come to eliminate and eradicate our way of life and culture and anyone who opposes it is branded a racist even though Islam is not a race ! , or you are branded islamophobic , why oh why are we tolerating the intolerable , churchill once said , Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog , no truer word spoken mr churchill.

    Thanks Rad.

  12. Grandfather, 69, shot dead after opening door for 20-year-old man who said he was being pursued by men with baseball bats

    By Alex Greig
    17:07 01 Feb 2014, updated 21:07 01 Feb 2014
    Click to open
    Google Plus
    Click to close


    There is a picture of Devon Derrick Parker with a christian cross around his neck.

    Which christian cross meant nothing to Devon obviously. <— this is the kind of statement Muslims should be using but they don't. They weakly defend a belief rather then claiming the guy wasn't following the belief.

  14. I saw an excellent video on your website, using clips from the film “Cabaret” interspersed with films of Muslims in Europe. The sound track was the song, “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” from “Cabaret”. I would like to send the video or its URL or other link to a number of friends but was unable to find any way to do this. Can you help me? Thanks!

  15. Isa arrives in 2016 or 2017. Mahdi arrives in 2016 and Obama is trying to tell the world that he is the Mahdi.
    Christian Day of the Lord begins in September of 2015. Enjoy the time you have left to live because all life ends possibly in 2016 or 2017 of September.
    Watch out for a possible global earthquake in April or a local one in the Middle East in a land that the Middle East wants to take out but won’t be able to.

  16. Vlad I cannot torn of even the sound on an interview I cannot using your blog.
    What has happend.

    Thank you for your work.

  17. Of the 56 ethnic groups in China, the Han Chinese is the largest being 59% of the total population, while the other 55 are considered minorities, of which Uyghurs (Muslims) constitutes 10.6 million, and the Hui (Muslims) 10.5 million. China never deals with the Xinjiang (mainly the Uyghurs) insurgence as a racial issue but as terrorism in the true sense of the word , which Obama refrains from admitting.

      • I do have so much to talk about it, but my English fails me as I am a 84-yo Chinese Buddhist,traditional at heart with a open mind for all faith. I have learned a lot about Islam or radical Islam watching your blog along with Gates of Vienna.
        May Buddha bless you all !

        • Welcome Philip.

          If we had the Mind of Buddha then that blessing is ours to give; but we would still only be speculating with our imagination and disagreement to what his mind actually is.

          But from his teachings when we hold in perfect balance the finest reed before the world we shall detect any wind thereof, and bless those sanctuaries from where these reeds may grow.

        • Vlad gives a daily chronicle of events in Islam but to learn about Islam I would suggest these:

          Best place to look up basic information. Dar al Islam is the single most important thing a kafir should understand about Islam in my opinion and it’s opposite Dar al harb. It is the reason why they attack us.

          You want detailed facts this is the place to go or do a goggle search on:

          Once you understand how Islam works and that it can not change. Learning it’s history is fantastic what it was is what the extremist want back. Sorry, he Stephen hasn’t talked a lot about Islamic attacks toward Hinduism or Buddhists which where the most brutal in all world history.

          Please rub the happy Buddha’s belly for me he always looks kinda cute to me with his happy face.

  18. If I were to creat a blog such as this in Chinese, I’d borrow the historical meaning of this blog, Vlad Tepes, and Gates of Vienna by naming my blog as ” Talas”. Insead of relating the full historical background, I wish to direct you to Wikipedia under the title of ” The Battle of Talas River”, and recommend viewing the short clip on Youtube
    ( Battle of Talas, 751 AD), in which you will notice the Arab invaders all in black robes. In Tang Dynasty, the Arab state was called ” Black Robed Da-Shi). These, as I see it, are the ancesters of present day IS whose leader, at a public appearance, has vowed to occupy China’s Xinjiang Province !!

    • To understand why the Muslims didn’t come back you have to know Islam a little. They had a belief up until around this period that they couldn’t be defeated. Even know the Muslims won that battle they where morally defeated knowing they had to rely on an Allie which that was the ONLY time in history that happened until modern times. Islam has no friends unlike everyone else on the planet.

      Siege of Constantinople (674–78)
      Battle of Tours 732
      Battle of Talas 751

      Sad part is the only thing keeping there moral up was in Spain and Sicily around this time. It really is amazing how fast this evil spread.

  19. Dear Blogmaster,
    The photo on top of your homepage shows a magnificient church. Would you please tell me what it is and where it is located ??

    Thank you !

    • The building on the center right is the Parliament of Canada as seen from across the Ottawa River near the museum of Civilization. Soon to be the museum of islamic conquest of civilization. The building on the left is a very old hotel called the Chateau Laurier. A very prestigious building. They look great from that vantage point, don’t they?

      There are some nice cathedrals in that area and when the weather is right and circumstances permit I may try and get some pics of them as well.

  20. One of the reasons I decided to go forth with this blog is a fear I have had for a very long time. The fact that since Multiculturalism as an idea was advanced into actual policy, political correctness of the type I list above will result in a newly revived extreme and irrational right wing movement which will gain popular support as governments drift farther and farther from representing the peoples of western nations, their values, and their views. Of course this will be, as historically it always is, a case of the cure bieng worse than the disease……”bieng”——->”being”

    • When I first started the site, it interested and amused me to use the name of someone who the Western World had been taught was a monster through the fiction of Brahm Stoker, but in reality was considered a great hero by Romanians because historically, he held off muslim invaders who had been taking literally thousands of boys as ‘tribute’ to use to wage jihad towards other European nations for islam as well as a large stack of the national treasury. Vlad Tepes, the historical Dracula, was a former Janissary himself and knew the tactics of the Ottoman muslims and was effective at stopping them for years. Some of the modern movies of him reflect some of these facts. Dracula Untold, if you watch very carefully, shows the allah scribble on a contract he is forced to sign to give up his own child, and the invaders are carrying banners with the oath of allegiance to mohamed near the beginning of the film as well. You have to pay attention though it goes by fast.

  21. I am from Iraq and immigrated to Canada about 20 years ago. I recently went back to see the relatively safe country I left in shambles. Soon after I landed in Canada, my parents gathered my immediate family together and told us that we were all leaving the religion of islam. I was shocked having grown up this way. However, my mother and father explained that it was due to fear that we ‘practiced’ islam in Iraq. I soon found out that my family was previously Christian. I was shocked. Now since we have converted, I talk about the story of my return to Christianity with eet, including muslims. However, when I tell them I have converted back to Christianity, they change how they look at me. Kinda interesting.

    • First congratulations Mohammed and to your family.

      Interesting story. a lot of question I like to ask.
      1. Why did your family change the in the first place? pressure or did they willingly ‘return’ back to Islam?

      2. You’re just following your parents lead on this without question?

      3. From your point of view. What destroyed Iraq? I’m not going to give you leading questions just like your opinion.

      4. how does your friends treat you? Do they not talk to you as much or what? Are any of them fundamentalist? Which is someone that believe Allah’s laws are greater then themselves or the societal laws?

      Good luck and thank you

  22. I had a classmate from Indonesia in my 400-level physics class. I assumed she was a fairly ‘moderate’ Muslim, because although she wore a head scarf & long-sleeved shirts, the shirts were lumberjack plaid & accompanied by skin-tight jeans & running shoes. She was THRILLED when Sadat was assassinated. It was hard to communicate with her on more than a basic level, because her English was pretty rudimentary, but the idea I got was that Sadat was much too friendly toward America & Israel. I never did figure out what she thought she was doing in the US… And that was a looong time ago now.

  23. I like the St. James cross, as offered on your site (top right corner)
    The advert does not indicate the size of the cross.
    Can some dimensions be added to the St. James sterling silver Cross item??
    Is the item suitable for a charm braclet?
    Is the cross larger than one inch, suitable to be worn around the neck???

    • Its about 1 and 1/2 inches long by about 3/4 of an inch wide. Ill do a more accurate measurement later. Its a bit too large for a charm bracelet but its great for a pendant.

      • Good morning,

        The cross is great! I got some necklace type chain from a craft store, Michaels (??).

        I need some linkss, help, and advice.

        My volunteer group, and also my Church, intend to support some Syrian refugees.
        I am pushing. back against muslim refugees, and voicing support for anyone but muslim.

        I am using a combination of Steven Coughlins work, BBC reports of violence in Europe, Al Sisi speaches at Al Alzahr university to support my position.

        If you. had 90 seconds or 2 minutes to voice an opinion on the risks presented by male muslin syrian refugees, what would be your top three messages, or references folks could look up on their own??
        Folks I am talking to have zero knowledge of violence in the US, and Europe. I doubt they will invesst more than 20 minutes watching a youtube video!

        Thanks, and Happy New Year

  24. i left a post about the wonderful social justice warrior donna brazille .. but i lost it ..
    probably just as well.

    love the site vlad. love the humor. love the fierceness of
    the crew ..

  25. Excellent blog and a channel of blessing for people to dialogue even those with their minds made up to reject challenges to their mistaken identity of brain washing and other neural linguistic and forced teachings. Islam is one of many systems of government dependent on absolute control and power over it’s followers, having been employed for many centuries in the promotion of other forms of government control of it’s populace. Face to face with people over the years indoctrinated into these laws and orders is a fresh reminder to the glory of living truth that brings forth life not death.

    My Dad fought in WW2 and was adamant his greatest struggle was fighting an enemy unable to have any common ground communication before killing or being killed, aside from dodging the same projectiles from the artillery and friendly fire. He gave it his best shot to offer historical evidence post-combat in the classrooms and work place, challenging the shallow minds of people never capable or willing to absorb lessons from history and fundamental values of human life.
    Many of the blogs attempting to sound the warnings about false religions and the coming storms will cut off anyone who disagrees or does not follow in-step with their every post or link.
    We will support your blog until the cows come in and the war on this terror based cult is won.

  26. might help with the disappearing web-sites, but not with failing to let them have the advertising money.

  27. Hello,

    I enjoy your website, however, I would like to request that you remove that cross you’re selling from the site. The reclaiming of Spain (I’m not sure how you reclaim something another group lost over a thousand years ago tbh) involved the death and displacement of many innocent Jews. Many were forced to flee to North Africa and Turkey.

    I do not believe that people engaged in such savage actions should be celebrated and used for profit.

    Thank you in advanced,

    Proud Jew

    • What kind of troll are you? Muslim I think. Right?

      Yes Muslim. You left a comment using another fake name and email: Sh*************@gm***.com

      You must think other people are as witless as you are. I would say “nice try” but wasn’t really.

    • Ill check it out now. But for an imaginative look at what things will be like if the UK does not defeat the islamic invasion, read Chesterton’s 1914 book, The Flying Inn. He nails a lot of it 104 years ago.

      • Dear Vlad,
        I do not know how blogs work. Can mine appear, albeit briefly, at the top of your home page, to be seen by more people?
        Best Wishes,
        Alan Barrett
        Sparrow Books

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