Germany: FDP Abort Coalition Negotiations, Merkel Plunges Into Crisis

BREAKING: FDP announce that they abort coalition negotiations.
This pushes Merkel into the deepest crisis of her 12 year career.

Berlin: „It is better not to govern, than to govern wrong“, said FDP chief Christian Lindner to the press around midnight local time.

Angela Merkel “deeply regrets” the FDP’s decision to abort negotiations.

Angela Merkel said in the early Monday morning hours that she deeply regretted the FDP’s decision. She still believed that it would have been possible to find a compromise with the Greens on the controversial topic of refugees.

But FDP chief Christian Lindner said that, while it would have been possible to find common grounds with the CDU (Merkel) and CSU, the differences between FDP and Greens were just irreconcilable.

FDP chief Christian Lindner (right) aborts coalition negotiations around midnight.

The central contentious point was until Sunday night the topic of migration [i.e. refugees]. CSU and FDP demand a curb of migration, while the Greens oppose that and demand (on top of that) “family reunification” for hundreds of thousands of Syrians in Germany.

The only possible scenario remains a so-called “minority government” with either CDU and the Greens or CDU and the FDP. Such scenario would represent barely 40% of the voters. A “Minority Government” needs permission by the other Factions though. Observers think it is virtually impossible that Merkel would risk this.

The pack is reshuffled.

We at Vlad have been predicting this from the moment the results came in on September 24.

As a reminder, the result of the Bundestag Elections 2017, Sept. 24:

Merkel said in the early morning hours that she intended „to lead the country through the difficult weeks“ that lie ahead.