All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for the weekend of April 9/10 2022

Probably best to have these posts good for a couple of days. So much stuff to post, and so little certainty as to its value in determining both events and the righteousness of the people involved. This first one is disturbing.

1. Russian pilot who was praised by Vladimir Putin for bombing Syrian sorties is captured after being downed in one of eight of Putin’s aircraft shot down in a single day

Eight Russian aircraft have been destroyed in just 24 hours – including one flown by a pilot who Ukraine claim was feted by Putin for his sorties over Syria.

The remarkable tally, in such a short period of time, offers further evidence of Russia’s military campaign going badly wrong.

The losses of strike jets and helicopter gunships will infuriate Putin, who assumed his air force would achieve superiority on the first day of the war. […]

Footage shows Russian pilots and navigators who survived the skirmishes telling their captors at gunpoint: ‘We were just following orders.’ The release of the videos appears to breach the Geneva Convention which prohibits using prisoners of war for propaganda purposes.

In one, Ukraine claimed to have shot down a Russian SU-34 jet flying over the same region.

2. Lauren Southern speaks with on-the-ground reporters in Ukraine