Banking, the future, its role in the current state of affairs

1. When I went to Google to look for the original Rockefeller foundation report, all I got was another unrelated report from the same year and a lot of links claiming it was a “conspiracy theory”, a CIA tactic to discredit/negate those who question certain narratives. And now, Laura Ingram is reading it on air. Things are moving fast, and I hope she has protection. If she suddenly dies of “Corona” …

2. MEP explains that banking rules are a huge part of all this.

3. Eight minutes on the banking system by Prof. A Fekete

The whole series:

Thank you Johnny U., KAF., MissPiggy, and all who have been trying to get me to understand the nature of the banking system’s role in what looks like a total systemic destruction of the West.

The following is a comment left by Johnny U. that looks consequential:

Recently the Bureau of International Settlements (BIS) announced that on June 28 non-allocated gold would no longer be permitted to be held by bullion banks. Unallocated (paper) precious metals is the mechanism by which gold and silver prices are suppressed, and by which fiat currencies are given false value.

The question is why did the BIS make this world-changing announcement? Speculation is that Russia made what is the nuclear threat (in money terms) of introducing a gold-backed Ruble.

This change will accelerate the demise of fiat currencies and inflation. Look, also, for increasing frequency of cyberattacks blamed on Russia, crippling infrastructures. This “cyberpandemic” may be the next step in promoting Agenda 21/30 to reality.

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  1. Thanks Vlad. In my haste I mistakenly called it the “Bureau…”. It is the Bank of International Settlements.

    In Reader’s links I posted a documentary this morning about the origins of our current monetary paradigm. Please take the time to watch it for those interested.

    It will be interesting to see what June 28th brings.


    I cannot think of a better faster way of completely crippling a nation’s standard of living than a policy of unlimited spending wedded with unlimited tax hikes on the rich. Wow! What a sure-fire way of making Switzerland more like Haiti or Taiwan more like Somalia. It’s a policy guaranteed to leave the future generation in much worse shape economically than they are today. The Biden/Obama team is hell-bent on doing as much damage as possible to the country they seem to hate so profoundly. From soldiers who check their panty-lines to borders that let in anyone and everyone, it’s all bad and it all simply damages and weakens the USA. The completely unjustified cancellation of the XL pipeline is absolute proof of left-wing treason. The enemy took over the country in November 2008…

  3. – Canada sells off large chunks of its gold reserves –

    The government of Canada sold off large chunks of its gold reserves in recent weeks, continuing a pattern of moving away from the precious metal as a government asset.

    According to the International Monetary Fund’s International Financial Statistics, Canada held three tonnes of gold reserves as of late 2015.

    The latest data, published last week by the Department of Finance, show the total Canadian gold reserves have now dropped to 0.62 tonnes. That’s less than 0.1 per cent of the country’s total reserves, which also include foreign currency deposits and bonds. In comparison, the U.S. holds 8,133 tonnes of gold, while the United Kingdom weighs in at 310 tonnes.

  4. It’s not a question of if the worlds economy will collapse the question is when? So far the nations have held off the collapse with printing press money, this devaluation of the worlds currencies is a major part of the inflation that is going to get much worse in the near future. I would feel a lot better if we had a successful businessman as President instead of a senile puppet controlled by a man that hates all of the Western Nations.

    The collapse is coming but when?

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